2018's design trends are set to showcase an abundance of natural textures and shades, cultivating outdoor spaces where function meets form, and form meets comfort.

Warm hues, earthy remnants, and plenty of greenery will continue to dominate trends as style-lovers seek to create not just outdoor spaces, but experiences.

Outdoor 'Living Rooms'

Design evolution in the way of outdoor furniture and décor has had a real push in recent years, resulting in the concept of an 'outdoor living room' growing in popularity. Décor items such as outdoor ottomans, cushions and sofa-dining settings make this all the more achievable.

Aluminium & Teaks

Aluminium and teaks are two materials set to trend this year, either featuring together simultaneously or autonomously across a range of different aesthetics and themes. Other natural materials, such as Wicker, will also be favoured both in and outside the home.

Mixed Textures

Spanning walls, pots and plants, fabrics, and outdoor rugs and cushions, mixed textures combined with rich, neutral hues are set to become an increasingly adopted aesthetic. This theme is ever more embraced as the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces become more and more blurred, drawing on the earth's natural surfaces as inspiration for everyday living.

Unconventional Dining

Outdoor spaces will break dining norms, with both lounging and eating combined through versatile and eclectic arrangement. Trends such as outdoor sofa-dining will continue to be embraced as design lovers seek ways to maximize their outdoor spaces for better functionality.

Cool Greys and Whites

Cool greys and soft whites, combined with pops of greenery, are making their way onto the outdoor styling scene and are predicted to be a longstanding trend. This palette works well in both the cooler and the warmer months. The best thing about this look is that pops of a newly introduced colour can be factored in later down the track should you wish to change things up.


Right through all four seasons, injected warmth through colour and ambience will continue to trend throughout the year. From portable lighting to natural materials and warm hues, styling trends will draw on the earth to cultivate spaces that allow its occupants to embrace nature's authenticity as our lives become busier and we seek sanctuary and unwinding more than ever before.

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