5 Must-Visit Sydney Attractions

When tourists flock to Australia during their peak seasons odds are that visiting its capital city of Sydney will be included with good reason. Sydney, Australia not only has stylish outdoor accessories, beautiful scenic beaches, and harbors but some amazing attractions as well. In fact, there are so many notable attractions to find in Sydney that it may be hard to choose which ones you should make a point of seeing. So, we have taken the time to choose five must-see Sydney attractions that any tourist would want to see while there.

1.Sydney Opera House

Was there any doubt this one would make the list? It is not only the most iconic landmark in Sydney but in the entire country of Australia. Not only is it a known performing arts center putting on over a thousand performances a year, but its architecture has made it worldwide recognition. The landmark stands in the Sydney Harbor and has the distinctive look of sailboats in its architecture. It is that architecture that makes it not only incredible to see while looking out at the Sydney Harbor but gets tourists to want to go explore the Opera House as well.

2.Sydney Tower

This is the highest free-standing tower in Sydney and the second-highest observation tower in the entire Southern Hemisphere. Why, because at the very top of the Sydney Tower is its main attraction, the Skywalk, which is a see-through walkway that stands 268 meters over Sydney, Australia. Those visiting the skywalk can get a panoramic view of the whole city in the circular structure. A truly amazing sight to see especially at night when the whole city is lit up.

3.Sydney Harbour Bridge

Another architectural marvel, the large iron bridge has been nicknamed the Coathanger bridge due to its unique design. Constructed in the thirties, the bridge illustrates an engineering design that was way ahead of its time. Individuals are free to walk or cycle from one side of the bridge to the other, but for the adventurous type, they can book a chance to take part in the Bridge climb. On this expedition, you can go up high into the amazing arches of the structure.

4.Chinese Garden of Friendship

A way to get a touch of the orient while down under. These gardens are modeled to be exact replicas of the private gardens of the Ming Dynasty. Not only will guests have an opportunity to take in its peaceful natural beauty, but it is also a chance to learn more about the culture of the orient.

5.Royal National Park

Another place to take in all the natural beauty that Australia has to offer on over 100 kilometers of land. The Royal National Park is the second oldest national park in the world, following Yellowstone. The park features many walking trails including their popular coast walk which has been nicknamed the Palm Jungle. The Royal National park is also home to several scenic natural attractions such as the littoral rainforest.