Love seats are a great option for smaller spaces providing comfortable lounging for yourself and guests, add dimension to a small balcony space with a rounded side table. A great way to still add functional furniture to small outdoor spaces is foldable chairs and collapsible tables, which can be easily removed to accommodate for other outdoor activities. Create a comfortable alfresco zone for relaxation and entertaining and opt for a weather-resistant outdoor rug that can be left out in the rain and won‘t fade in the Australian summer sun. 

Our Apollo Side Table has a variable color to light up your outdoor area.



Set a great scene for family gatherings or parties with friends in larger areas with an accent outdoor table as an investment into the heart of your area. As the focus to your outdoor space choose a unique outdoor dining table for guests to share a meal on or a place your family will gravitate towards in solid timers like Oak and Teak which are durable, resistant to moisture, and require minimal upkeep but add a stunning feature to your patio space. 

Our Grace Teak Dining Table could be the perfect dining table you need.



Lighter color wooden furniture is a big trend right now, rattan wicker and bamboo styles allow cool breezes to flow through your space perfect for Australian summers, giving a weightless appearance to your outdoor setting. Rather than blocky sectional outdoor sofas rope style outdoor chairs with metal legs make small spaces look larger and brighter. For a chic traditional look stick with natural rattan color, or try painted varieties in black and white for a modern outdoor furniture look.


Our Auto Rope Dining Chair and Neverland Side Table set could light up your outdoor space.


For easy cleaning choose outdoor sofa cushions that are removable for easy cleaning. Dark colors are the best for absorbing sunlight and hiding stains from messy party guests or little ones. Lighter fabric colors are still a great option for keeping your outdoor area looking cool as a cucumber in summer months, go for neutrals for easy styling to keep a minimal clean look to your outdoor space.



Feature walls are really popular for creating visually stunning areas in small spaces but there‘s no reason you can’t incorporate one in a larger outdoor area too! For small balcony‘s a big trend is vertical gardens, saving precious space whilst still adding greenery. Outdoor house walls that form the base of your outdoor dining area can be easily transformed with wall art or into a stunning light display with solar or soft outdoor lighting. Or simply create a wall of your own with a garden screen!

The Linea Hurricane Lantern is a safe choice to add ambiance to your outdoor area.


Soften the lighting to create ambiance in your outdoor area by switching cool blue lighting with warmer bulbs to light up your garden. Fairy or string lights and an easy way to create dramatic ambient feature lighting without compromising on versatility. While we wouldn’t recommend candles for fire safety reasons, with battery-powered varieties you can easily create the same effect as centerpieces on outdoor tables or to place around your outdoor space. Lanterns are really playful and easily moveable, choose different sizes and shapes to create a luminous addition to your backyard setting.