Whether it's making use of the abundance of space you have, or taking the savvy alternative to costly extensions, creating the ultimate outdoor 'living room' is more achievable than you might think. And why wouldn't you want to cultivate your outdoor surroundings? We do – after all – live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

So how do you organically 'extend' your house to create that perfect outdoor living room without an architect and a massive budget? In short, with beautiful, durable, and carefully considered furniture and décor.

Create a Living Room Inspired Arrangement

Just as you would inside the home, outdoor furniture can be arranged a way that is similar to a living room (minus the TV). An outdoor dining set, combined with coffee and side tables instantaneously creates a floor plan that says “living”. Throw in an outdoor rug and some smaller décor, and it will start to really take shape, enabling what is akin – if not better than – adding on an extra room to your house. If your outdoor space is more on the smaller side of things, armless chairs and benches are a great option, as are hanging pods and ball or balcony chairs.

Use Colour

Don't be afraid to inject colour into your outdoor living space. This can be done in various ways, such as introduced feature walls, accessories, pots, chair and scatter cushions, and sun chasers. Having pops of colour can be a really fun way to create an engaging and inviting living space, and it's also a great way to contrast or complement the surrounding natural environment.

Cushion It Up

Outdoor cushions are extremely versatile additions which allow you to mix, match and swap to suit any colour scheme or theme. Not only do they look great, but they are such a simple way to create a cosy indoor vibe in your outdoor space. At Remarkable Furniture, we continually stock a range of outdoor chair, scatter and bench cushions in a multitude of styles and colours.

Use Greenery

Nothing adds texture, life and energy to a space like foliage does. Potted plants and vertical gardens are a great way to re-shape and accessorize a space. The best part is you can start small, and build on your greenery as time goes by. Check out our recent blog on Melbourne's favourite plants that survive and thrive in Winter.


Lighting is a fantastic way to create warmth, ambience and an entirely cosy outdoor living experience should you wish to use the space of an evening. Draped fairy lights are becoming increasingly popular, with some fantastic solar powered options on the market. Similarly, LED lanterns are a great way to set a beautiful outdoor living scene.