While good quality outdoor furniture is designed and built to endure, there are a few simple ways of maintaining and caring for it so it stays clean, looks better, and lasts longer. Most of us have put a lot of thought and investment into our outdoor pieces, so to know that there are a few very gentle measures you can do to give them more longevity, brings great peace of mind.


At Remarkable Furniture, our teak outdoor pieces are made from A-grade teak and its unrivalled durability will hold up in even the most extreme weather. This means it requires very low maintenance depending on how you want your teak to age.

Washing teak should be done with warm water and a small amount of vinegar. Over time, teak will weather to a silver-grey tone which is one of the appeals to many people. Others opt to oil their teak, particular if maintaining a natural golden colour for longer is desired – in this case, oiling should be done at least every 6 months. For extra protection against weathering, a UV-protective teak sealer can also be applied. Keep in mind that A-grade teak will possess much of its own natural oils and for those wishing to allow their teak to weather to a silver-grey, it’s best not to treat it at all and allow for occasional cleaning only.

Merbau and Other Timbers

Cleaning merbau and other timbers is simple and can be done with water, vinegar and a very small amount dishwashing liquid. Remove any stubborn dirt, dust or oil first with a hard brush. Depending on whether or not you would like your furniture to age naturally, most timbers can have a gentle timber oil applied to them occasionally to keep them looking as close to their original state as possible.


Poly wicker is a very popular outdoor furniture material due to its contemporary look, style versatility, and lightweight durability. Caring for it is simple, with some occasional light dusting and by wiping it down with a warm, wet cloth. Drying your wicker is done most effectively in sunlight. There are also some wicker-friendly furniture polish sprays on the market but it is generally not required unless the area is particularly moisture prone.

Stainless Steel

Water and vinegar can be used to clean stainless steel outdoor furniture as it’s effective as well environmentally-friendly. Using a micro-fibre cloth to wipe down dust and dirt is also a good way to maintain its shininess and get rid of any smudge marks. While stainless steel is incredibly durable, how often you clean it will be determined by its surrounding environment – this can be assessed at your own discretion.


Aluminium is a popular choice for outdoor furniture as it’s durable, lightweight, it looks great, and contrasts well with or complements timbers nicely. It is generally not prone to rust or corrosion, therefore it can suit just about any climate or environment. With that in mind, it can oxidize over time if not cleaned every so often. The best way to keep your aluminium looking great is to wash it down with warm, soapy water (a gentle detergent is fine). There are also some cost-effective products on the market which are used specifically to clean powder-coated aluminium – your local hardware store is your best bet.

Sofa and Daybed Cushions

You can add years to your cushion’s lifespans by looking after them. Whilst outdoor cushions are designed with weather resistance in mind, storing them while they are not in use will inevitably make them last longer. Replacing cushions can be quite costly, so it is always a good idea to store them when they aren’t being regularly used. Ask us about our range of protective sofa and daybed covers.

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