Spring has sprung! The sun is out, the birds are chirping and most of us want to make the most of the weather as it starts to heat up.

It's also a time of year when we typically tend to entertain friends and family more due to large sporting events like the football finals and the spring racing carnival.

So if you're planning for your next gathering you may be wondering if your outdoor space needs a refresh. We've put together our top outdoor styling trends for all to embrace this spring:


Bold, bright, eye-catching pieces that work season after season are hard to find. This spring we recommend sticking with classic neutral tones think charcoal, white, beige and so on. These shades will create the perfect blank canvas to work with and won't date, meaning you can create a fresh new look every season by simply changing your accessories.


We are all about mixing textures and materials to compliment your pieces and create a unique look. Aluminum and timber, concrete and teak, you name it. Be playful and have a little fun with mixing and matching.

Try it out with our Bacardi Concrete Bar & Paris Bar Chair. The Bacardi Bar is concrete, whilst the accompanying chairs have legs made from outdoor weather resistant teak creating a simple, yet sophisticated space.


By now, you probably have an idea on what furniture you will be using for your foundation – remember neutral colours and tones, but mix and match your textures.

It's now time to brighten things up and add a pop of spring with your accessories!

Accessories are designed to add life into a space as well as comfort, which is why we love scatter cushions.

Scatter cushions add a pop of colour and life to any space and they are also easy to update as the season changes. We have a number of different scatter cushions to choose from including our favourites, a geometric style the suits just about any space as well as the sunset range for a pop of colour.

Plants are another great affordable addition. Succulents and natives are hardy and come in a range of different colours and textures, which can add another element of interest to your outdoor space.