Choosing the right outdoor dining setting can be both an exciting and daunting venture. And with the weather well and truly warming up for summer, many households are revamping their outdoor spaces and deliberating over which setting is the right outdoor dining option for them.

Do you choose a setting that is more traditional? Or perhaps a layout that is more casual or communal? Can you intertwine the setting with your existing outdoor seating? There is a multitude of options depending on your space, budget, and the overall vibe sought after.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled some basic need-to-knows about our most recommended settings, what their benefits are, and how choosing either one can create the perfect outdoor dining area.


Traditional Versus Relaxed

While some people prefer more traditional 6 and 8-seater dining settings, others opt for more casual, or deeper seating arrangements to create a more relaxed, lounge-orientated environment – such settings are ideal for cultivating comfort for long nights spent outside relaxing. There is no right or wrong, it just comes down to personal preference and whether or not you’re looking for something different from your indoor dining arrangement.

Bar Setting

Bar settings are fantastic for areas with limited less space. They can be used to partition and create a sense of geometry within an outdoor area and can be butted up against walls while still offering ample eating, drinking and entertaining space. Additionally, because of their height, they are great at enhancing spaces with a view.

Long Settings

If you have the space and the desire to make an impression, traditional 8-seater, 10-seater or 12-seater settings are a wonderful way to create an entire dining room experience outdoors. At Remarkable Furniture, we stock a number of options in teak, merbau, powder-coated aluminium and concrete, to suit a number of outdoor themes and spaces. A long 6-seater setting can make a similar impression, offering a practical solution for slightly smaller spaces.

Square And Round Settings

Round tables are often worked into a particular design scheme that might benefit from the circular shape to either align or contrast with other shapes, and can work with conventional dining chairs or stools. Square settings are also a popular choice – particularly for the space-conscious – and are available in 4 and 8-seater options.

Bench Setting

Benches instantly evoke a sense of casual or communal gathering and can be incorporated into any outdoor theme and style. Much like bar settings, benches can work well butted up against a wall should space be limited, or as a focal point with ample room surrounding it. Because their chairs essentially sit underneath the bench, they are a great solution for reducing visual bulk.

Our bench settings are typically available in merbau, teak, powder-coated aluminium and concrete.


Sofa-dining combinations are becoming increasingly popular when combining indoor living and dining and the same principle applies to outdoor arrangements. The sofa-dining option is often integrated to work with existing furniture, providing a practical, functional way of creating a comfortable outdoor dining and entertaining area.

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