Small living spaces are a quintessential characteristic of urban culture. It sounds chic in theory, but too often the reality is clutter and overcrowding.


The good news is that compact and narrow spaces have loads of styling potential. It’s all about choosing furniture you love, that utilises the space wisely while allowing for functionality. 


With that in mind, we’ve compiled some of our favourite suggestions on making the best use out of smaller spaces:


Add A Bar For Extra View

If you are fortunate enough to have somewhat of a view, the perfect way to enhance it is to add in a bar and accompanying stools. Bars are ideal for smaller, narrower spaces and will instantly enhance both functionality and visibility.


Sofa Dining Options

The sofa-dining combination is an increasingly population option where living and eating is combined. For an eclectic, rearrangable solution, consider running the sofa along the wall and positioning small-scale chairs parallel with a table in between.


Armless Chairs To Save Space

Compact and armless chairs are a brilliant way to maximise living or dining spaces. Smaller-scale chairs can be tucked under tables, used as corner or hallway pieces when not in use, and pulled out to round out a room when needed.


Bench Settings

A low bench is one of the most versatile pieces when it comes to making the most out of a compact space. Benches can be tucked in under tables, ran along a wall and used to house magazines, or pulled out for extra seating or a coffee table when needed.


Long table

Longer, slimmer tables are a good way to create a communal and inviting eating space. Rather than cram eight chairs in and risk overcrowding, pop three on each side and allow for ample space at each end of the table.


Small Sofa And Ottoman Combination

A small sofa and ottoman combination allows for greater versatility with a room’s composition. Ottomans are also multi-purpose and easily swapped out if you ever want to change your colour theme.


Key takeaways: Keep furniture slim, sleek and multi-purposeful. If you love the piece, it doesn’t overwhelm in size, and you can use it for more than one purpose, than you are on the right track.