If you're one of those people who would truly much enjoy being in an opera house, watching the shows that are currently running, then there's no other perfect place for you but to go to the Sydney Opera House.


The opera house is located in the heart of Bennelong Point, on the south side of the harbour, sitting measly near the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge. Throughout the years, the Sydney Opera House has been the most popularly known landmark in all of Sydney. It houses a 2,679 seating capacity, making it the largest multi performing arts venue in the area, if not in all of Australia.


The huge building itself is divided into sections, while specifically catering to the type of performances being done. For opera, dance, and ballet performances, the main venue for this is the Opera Theatre, which has about 1,500 available seats. On the other hand, outdoor performances are all being held at the Forecourt, which is located in the southeastern part of the opera house. Aside from the indoor and outdoor multipurpose venues, the Sydney Opera House also has three theatres. Each one has a different size and configuration from the other, which makes it suitable for the type of event it is going to host. From stage plays and film screenings to smaller musical plays, there is a certain venue that would fit the performances.


With the building's structural grandiose and the culture of performing arts that it promulgates, the Sydney Opera House has officially been recognized as one of UNESCO's World Heritage sites in 2007. Today, the culture of what the opera house can bring is still very much evident. You'll never run out of people - both foreigners and locals - visiting this place. Here are some of the things that you can do whenever you're visiting the Sydney Opera House.


Watch digital live shows.


The Sydney Opera House is more than the traditional type of performing arts that you're used to in seeing should the term opera house come into mind. It is also a place of innovation and technology, which means you can also expect digitally mastered live shows. The most popular one is the Vivid Sydney which is considered to be the biggest festival of light and music. The event runs during the month of May and June.


Have a behind-the-scenes tour.


If you're the one who enjoys the show when it is being performed on stage, and even more interested in what's happening backstage, then there is a tour that you can avail of. The Sydney Opera House offers a guided tour of the backstage of the theatre. These tours are available in different languages such as English, Chinese, French, German, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish.


Eat and drink while enjoying the view.


What's a trip without food and drinks? Enjoy a complete experience of visiting the Syndey Opera House by having cocktails at the Opera Bar while looking at the grand Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you're feeling a little bit extra and you would want your visit to be more memorable, there are two exclusive dining options you can choose from. These are the Opera Kitchen and Bennelong. Whichever you choose, this eating and drinking in Sydney Opera House is an experience that not everyone can have.


How to get to Remarkable Furniture From Sydney Opera House


The drive from the Sydney Opera House to Remarkable Outdoor Living takes about 20 minutes. To get there, head on Macquarie St, then turn left onto the ramp to Cahill Expressway. Merge onto the Bradfield Highway, take the Pacific Highway ramp to N. Sydney. Follow the signs for A8, Mosman, Manly, M1, Chatswood, Epping, and then merge onto M1. Continue on M2, exit onto Epping Road toward A3/Nth Ryde. Turn right onto Lance Cover Road/A3, left onto Telegraph Road, and then head onto Pacific Highway/A1.