Having a big outdoor living space is something most of us aspire to, particularly if you have young children. Ideally, you want to have some greenery, a space for entertaining and an area for play. But as house and land prices increase, the dream of a large outdoor living space is often not a reality, which means it's essential to optimise the area that you do have

We've shared three ideas to make the most of your outdoor living space below:

Choose the right furniture for your needs

If you're limited on space, you need to consider how you plan on using that space. Consider the following:

Do you want to create a relaxing space for yourself to read and relax? If so, options like hanging chairs, or daybeds are an excellent option for you.

Will you be entertaining family and friends regularly? If so, consider how many people you might be likely to have over. There are multiple options to choose from including traditional dining settings, lounges for a more intimate vibe, or even a higher bar table set up for a more relaxed vibe.

Be mindful of the space you have. There's no point having a ten-seater dining setting if you only entertain for a large group once a year. Find something that suits your everyday needs so you can optimise your space. You can always hire furniture for the occasional times you are catering for large groups.

Look up

You most likely cannot make your backyard any bigger, but you may not have to sacrifice all of the elements you're hoping for. Why not consider a vertical garden?

Vertical gardens look striking and provide all of the benefits gardens usually do with way less space. You can pay for a professional to install a vertical garden, but you can also DIY. Plant pots stacked in wooden frames or wire shelving can create a standalone green wall perfect for herbs and edible plants.

Create illusions with flooring

You can use flooring options –decking, pavers, etc. to create an illusion that your outdoor living space is larger than it is. If you lay pavers or your chosen flooring diagonally, this will elongate the space available.

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