What to do in Brisbane?

Brisbane is one of Australia's biggest cities. Despite being one of the oldest cities, the atmosphere in Brisbane remains young with a forward-thinking attitude. Despite Brisbane's rich history dating back to the Great Depression, it is, in reality, a progressive city that integrates adventure with its rich flora and fauna. If you find yourself in Queensland, here are the best things to do in Brisbane:

  • Climb the Story Bridge
  • Smell the Roses in the City Botanic Gardens
  • Take Pictures at Mount Coot-tha
  • Enjoy the Sir Thomas Planetarium
  • Witness the Ghosts of Toowong
  • Cuddle with Koalas at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Climb the Story Bridge

Laid above the Brisbane River, resides the jaw-dropping Story Bridge. For the history buffs: The bridge has a long history dating back to the 1940s. The unique thing about this bridge is the bridge climb itself. Accompanied by an expert climber, tourists activate their inner daredevil and climb to the very top of the bridge overlooking the traffic and river below!

Smell the Roses in the City Botanic Gardens

Get to witness Australia’s unique flora. The garden contains ancient structures from the enlightenment period such as drinking fountains in the shape of lions, old-style iron railings and trees that still exist from the 18th century. You can gain access to modern art pieces such as the Morning Star II and the Plant Form sculptures. Don’t forget to visit the historic curator's house that has been remodeled into a convenient café.

Take Pictures at Mount Coot-tha

Coot-Ha has the best panoramic view of Brisbane as it lets you take in the view of the entire city. Keeping up with Brisbane's theme of diversity, the trail to the top allows you to walk on foot, ride a bike or even ride a horse! At the top, a café/restaurant awaits to reward you with treats. Relax under the market umbrellas and dine while taking in the beautiful view.

Enjoy The Sir Thomas Planetarium

You will be greeted by a replica of Neil Armstrong's Apollo spacesuit. Multiple asteroid models and moon rocks are laid on display for your curious needs. The Planetarium shines with its Cosmic Skydome. Get to pick from over 8 audience shows that both adults and children can enjoy. Making reservations with the city council is highly recommended.

Witness the Ghosts of Toowong

Listen to the tour guide's stories about murderers, black widows, and dead governors as you take in the scenery of Spook Hill. To add to its mysterious and vintage nature, the cemetery is inaccessible by public transport and it rests isolated on the corner of Mt Coot-tha Road and St. Frederick Street. Thousands of tombstones spread throughout the graveyard to add to the eerie feeling. Even though closed to the public at night, some have reported ghostly sightings of a spectral widow in Avenue 12.

Cuddle with Koalas at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Fulfill your cuddling needs with more than 100 koalas to choose from. Most of the koalas have been born in the sanctuary, making them more comfortable with humans than the average koala. After the koala reserve, you get to hang out with kangaroos when visiting their free-range enclosure. Become friends with a kangaroo as you're allowed to feed and pat them. As a bonus witness the fastest animal in the world, the peregrine bird. Peregrine birds out can fly at speeds above 350 miles per hour!

Traveling on a Budget

There are plenty of things to do in Brisbane. Brisbane makes traveling on a budget extremely convenient. Experience the best Australia has to offer, from the thrilling adventure on top of the Story Bridge to the calming company of a Koala, Brisbane has something for every member in your family at a healthy affordable price.