If you’re on the lookout for outdoor chairs, chances are you might feel overwhelmed with the array of choices available. Where to begin? Do you opt for deep seating? A low back? Wicker? Aluminium? Merbau? Or do you mix it up with a combination of outdoor chairs as well as benches?

There is a lot of weighing up to do. Not only do you want to choose the right material for your space, but you likely need to match them with tables, and think about how you want them to function. Are they for relaxing in? For casual dining? Are they partially covered or exposed to weather the majority of the time? All of these factors, and more, should be considered when choosing the right chair.

At Remarkable Furniture, we have outdoor chairs in wicker, merbau, aluminium, concrete, stone and teak. We’ve compiled a breakdown of the most popular three materials to help you decide what might be the most suitable option for you.


Poly wicker outdoor chairs are a very popular choice for a number of reasons. They are usually a nice mix of contemporary and timeless in style, are light-weight and easy to care for. As durable as a sturdy plastic, they have an authentic woven finish and can be cleaned with light dusting ideal addition to any outdoor space.


Merbau – also known as Kwila – is a popular and highly durable timber which makes a beautiful outdoor chair. It is a great option for withstanding tough weather, and has a natural, earthy finish. To fully understand the extent of Merbeau’s durability, think of it in terms of being the most popular choice for high-quality outdoor decks.

At Remarkable Furniture, we stock a range of high quality merbau chairs, ranging from highback to options with more comfort, cushion and support in mind.


Outdoor aluminium chairs are fantastic for mixing with many different table options. They are also maintenance-free as well as highly durable. A great option for contrasting with timber, aluminium chairs don’t corrode or rust and can be cleaned down effortlessly with warm soapy water. Ask us about our aluminium bar stool options, we have something to suit everyone.