All good outdoor styling guides should encompass how to work in and embrace geometry and patterns. Often, there are already an array of shapes, lines, and forms to work within an outdoor environment, with it being a matter of introducing carefully considered furniture and décor to simply enhance it.


Whether you have a garden abundant with plant life or a stark, graphic deck in serious need of some nature, a careful selection of greenery is a relatively effortless way to work with existing shapes and patterns while adding unique character. Consider contrasting the straight lines of a paved terrace with smooth curves and try your hand at some topiary – spherical domes will add a unique quirk to any space.

Or, if you struggle to keep even houseplants happy, give forgiving succulents a go. Mother in Law's tongue is a perennial plant that is tough and hardy with strong, visually striking leaves – it thrives in sunlight and will add a graphic element to any space.

Don't forget to consider the placement of potted and hanging plants. Space them evenly for a striking, symmetrical look or soften the space with ferns and florals at different heights and textures, and be sure to read up on our blog on plants that happily withstand Melbourne's harsh Winter.

Patterns And Texture

Repetition of shape, colour and texture are just a few of the ways patterns manifest themselves. Get playful with your paving and try out-of-the-ordinary spacing for a unique visual appeal. Consider alternating black and white tiles on the ground for a strong geometric look that really makes a statement.

Don't be afraid to mix textures and colours, but keep it simple and follow the rule of threes. This might mean keeping the focus on three different colours or textures filling the space and avoiding too much visual stimulation with clutter and over-styling. Pair our JRC Concrete Barstools with timber bench seats or match Wicker Chairs with our smooth Positano Travertine Table for a feast for the senses.


Try a monochromatic graphic palette with pops of colour. Pick a theme like bold and bright or soft and neutral and use Scatter Cushions to complete the look. Our Concrete Tables come in different sizes and add a playful touch to any deck; paired with colourful vases, this look can pack a real geometric punch.

Work With The Space You've Got

Have a pool? A gazebo or archway? Make it the focal point and play up the straight lines or curves of perimeters by arranging your furniture and styling elements to echo, complement or contrast the shape. Overall, colour, texture, arrangement and the utilisation of the space you already have, all play a part in embracing geometry and patterns in your outdoor environment.