We spend a lot of money on outdoor furniture. Australians love their outdoor furniture because it is a comfy place to end a day or a pleasant soft seat for morning tea. But how do we take care of it? How do we make the furniture last a really long time? How do we be sure we are getting our best money out of our outdoor furniture? Check out this list of ways to care for your outdoor furniture.


1. Watch the weather. If you see a storm coming in, then put your outdoor furniture inside. Put the furniture in the garage so that you are sure the wind isn't going to blow it around and do damage.


2. Clean often. Just like how you clean your couch a few times a month, do the same for your outdoor furniture. Depending on the material that your furniture is made from depends on the cleaning done. If it is just basic material, you may just need to wipe it off occasionally. Or you may need to take covers off and wash them in the washer.


3. Restain. Annually or at least every other year, you need to sand and stain all of your wooden outdoor furniture. And while you’re at it, it is always good to sand and restains your deck as well.


4. Fabric chair covers need to be cleaned as well. If you have a shampooer, that is the easiest option. Or take the covers off and wash in the washer. Just always be sure that the cushion is dried before putting the cover back on to ensure that the moisture doesn’t get trapped and get moldy.


5. Check for rust. Metal furniture can rust which will eventually break the furniture down. So it is important to check for rust every year and scrape off any rust that forms. Also, putting your chair in the winter months can help reduce rust as well as drying the furniture after any storm. Water speeds the rusting process. If you live near the ocean or large saltwater area, then consider painting with anti-rust paint. Similar to what they paint cars with, this paint is extra durable and extra resistant to rust.


6. Care for your wicker. Although wicker furniture is simple to own and maintain, it still needs basic care. Clean it often by wiping it down. And make sure that you don't let it get blown around in the wind.


7. Stick with Plastic. If you know that you live a busy life and may not have the time or energy to spend on maintaining your yard furniture. Then consider just sticking with simple plastic furniture. It is easy to use and maintain because you just get it out when you’re using it and put it away when your not.



In the end, it is important to be sure to take good care of your outdoor furniture. This will ensure that you have a comfy place to start or end your day. Consider these outdoor furniture care tips.