7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Outdoor Furniture

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Whether you’re into an alfresco outdoor dining, relaxing by the pool, or relaxing under the stars, there is a style of outdoor furniture to suit your needs. Here’s what you should consider before making any outdoor furniture purchases.

Spending time outdoors doesn’t mean sacrifices have to be made in style or comfort, with the right plan for purchasing and knowledge of your space, using these questions to figure out the best outdoor furniture to suit your style, needs, and budget.

How big is your alfresco area?

Measure Your Alfresco Entertaining Area.

Too often have we fell in love with a piece of outdoor furniture only to get it home and realize it doesn’t fit in the outdoor living space we need it too. Measure your space beforehand to give you a realistic plan of what you can fit and when in doubt take a measuring tape with you to the outdoor furniture stores.

How will I use this outdoor space?

As a place to sip your morning coffee? Maybe a place to entertain and share a drink or meal with friends and family? Do you have pets that will love outdoor lounge furniture during the day? Are you wanting a relaxing tranquil space? Or a lively area people will gravitate towards?

Will I use outdoor furniture?

There’s no point investing in that $ 4,000-day bed or a 2-seater outdoor dining setting when you use your patio space for barbecuing and entertaining. You can have the world's best inventing and suitable outdoor furniture for your alfresco area.

Is garden furniture easy to clean?

No-one likes sitting on moldy or wet chairs or eat a table covered in various *droppings* before buying do your research on materials and what it takes to maintain that particular piece of furniture. Will you be inclined to varnish your wood wares every few months? Or would you prefer the ease of metal and powder coated varieties that could wipe down with multipurpose spray?

Is patio furniture long-lasting?

Sun, rain hail, or shine! Melbourne is known for its temperament weather. Pick materials that are durable, mold, and rot-resistant, invest in quality timbers like Oak, Teak, and Redwood. Or Aluminium metals that are powder coated as they tend to be durable and sturdy, with darker palettes to match any design style.

How comfortable is outdoor furniture?

If you want to enjoy your outdoor spaces spending many hours relaxing on balmy summer nights, it’s good to do your due diligence in testing out the comfort of items, are those bar stools the right height for your outdoor bar? Could you sit on these outdoor lounges for hours? What about eating comfortably at an outdoor dining table with chairs at the appropriate height? Look into investing in quality outdoor pillows.

Does it match or flows with my interior design?

When considering purchasing outdoor furniture look inwards at your unique interior style, looking at the furniture within your home is a good guide to use as inspiration. What furniture do you currently have that you love? What are the textures/materials of it? And look for items that match and translate that style into your outdoor space.

All these questions are essential on your outdoor furniture design journey.

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