What Are the Features and Benefits of Concrete Tables?

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Are you looking at different kinds of furniture for your outdoor space, and wondering about the pros and cons of concrete outdoor furniture? Is concrete waterproof, for example? Will it wear well over the years? Concrete has a lot of different properties that make it beneficial for outdoor use, including being hard-wearing, robust and full of character. 

To understand the different properties that concrete offers, let’s explore a series of learning videos that will talk you through the different properties, step by step. Understanding how concrete behaves and what its different properties are is crucial to determining whether this is the right furniture for you! A white concrete coffee table on your patio or a weathered cement concrete dining table could look exquisite in your alfresco dining space… but let’s find out more about how it will function outside! 

Overview of Learning Videos


Video Title Benefits and Properties What You’ll Learn
Why Does Concrete Absorb Water?  Concrete is porous, meaning it naturally absorbs small water molecules while repelling large liquid molecules like oil and juice.  You’ll learn more about concrete’s absorption properties and how water interacts with the natural material. 
Is Concrete Furniture Water Resistant?  Being water resistant prevents water from seeping into the surface.  You’ll learn why our concrete furniture resists water-related stains because of our factory standard sealant. 
Is Concrete Stain Resistant?  Being able to repel stains keeps your furniture looking pristine and preserves your item’s longevity.  You’ll understand more about how we protect our concrete from spills and marks. 
What Are Hairline Cracks on Concrete?  Hairline cracks are a natural property of concrete as it ages. It adds to the natural charm and charisma of outdoor concrete furniture.  You’ll explore what hairline cracks mean and what causes them. 

With all these videos, we’ll be looking at the properties of concrete furniture, and enhancing your knowledge of the different factors, so you know everything you need to know about how concrete operates! 

Why Does Concrete Absorb Water?

So, to summarize the video, concrete tables are excellent at absorbing water molecules, while repelling other substances like juice, oil, and coffee. These substances have larger molecules than water, so they won’t be absorbed into the surface of the table, thanks to our table’s innovative factory standard sealant. 

It takes about 20 minutes for water to be absorbed into the concrete, and within about 4-6 hours, the water will have evaporated entirely. This leaves your concrete outdoor patio furniture looking clean, fresh and free of water marks again. 

Is Concrete Outdoor Furniture Water Resistant? 

A lot of people wonder, is concrete waterproof? The short answer is no; it’s porous and naturally absorbs liquids. However, as the video has shown, our outdoor concrete furniture is coated in a PU sealant, which is a form of acrylic that can repel liquids. Any liquid spilled on the surface will sit on the surface until it is wiped away or evaporates. 

This massively increases the longevity of your furniture as no liquids, whether its oil, coffee or water can penetrate this sealant! If you are still concerned about the water-resistant properties of your table, you can make use of our additional sealant service, which will give you extra peace of mind for 6-12 months. This product enhances the durability of concrete even more, giving you the maximum product assurance. 

Is Concrete Stain Resistant? 

Many people worry about spilling liquids or food and leaving marks on their beautiful concrete tables, but this is not a concern when it comes to our outdoor concrete tables! In this video, you can see us testing the table with Pepsi, known for being high in sugar and acidity. 

A simple wipe leaves the table clean and unmarked. This is because of our concrete sealant, which ensures that our tables stand the test of time and minimize any risk of stains and damage. It also works with a variety of other substances, including coffee, soy sauce, oil, tomato sauce, and lemon juice.  

Our tables are very easy to clean because of our standard factory PU sealants; simply wipe them down with a soft cloth when spills occur. 

While our tabletops are designed to resist stains, it is important to promptly clean up any spills from non-water-based liquids, especially acidic substances like lemon juice, wine, and vinegar, to prevent damage to the surface sealant. Please note that our warranty does not extend to the removal of such liquids or repairs for damage they may cause to the tabletop's surface. 

What Are Hairline Cracks in Concrete? 

Although hairline cracks can occur in concrete, this is perfectly normal. As you can see in the video, hairline cracks are not a sign that your table is about to crumble. They are part of the natural charm of concrete! You will likely only see them when the table is wet, and as soon as it has dried off again, the cracks should be invisible. 

Hairline cracks add character to your table, giving it a unique aspect and changing over time. Many people love how this effect shows itself on their tables: they gain their own character over the years. 

If you are still concerned about hairline cracking on your table, you can make use of our additional sealant service, which will give you extra peace of mind against hairline cracks being visible when wet. This product enhances the durability of concrete even more, giving you the maximum product assurance. 

Key Takeaways 

So, in the videos above, we’ve learned a lot about concrete’s durability and how it responds to liquid spills! Concrete is naturally robust as a material, lasting well against elemental damage, and standing up to not only the environmental impact of weather but stands strong against everyday spills too. Concrete has a timeless look and will last for years to come. 

We have enhanced our concrete products durability with our acrylic sealant, which ensures that only water molecules absorb into the surface of the table. We have a variety of beautiful products for those looking for outdoor tables, such as our outdoor concrete round coffee table and our outdoor concrete square dining table. 


Hopefully, you found our videos informative and useful; we have filled them with information about how concrete behaves in general, and how our concrete differs. If you’ve got any experience with our concrete furniture and would like to share your thoughts, we’d be delighted to hear them on our social media: https://www.instagram.com/remarkable_furniture/ 

If you’d like to watch them again, all the videos can be found here: 

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