Best Hanging Egg Chairs to Buy for Your European Style Backyard

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European designs are known for their sophistication, grace, craftsmanship, and timeless appeal – making them a popular fit for modern Australian homes in need of an updated, modern but classic refresh. The rich diversity of European design inspirations offers a variety of elegant choices: whether you’re looking for a breezy Mediterranean feel, a rustic French country vibe, minimalist Scandinavian flair, or a romantic English garden escape, there’s bound to be a fit for you. As homeowners look to enhance their outdoor spaces with the latest décor trends, they should consider incorporating a European style hanging egg chairas a statement piece that blends European styles seamlessly into modern Australian outdoor living.   

Whether you’re a new homeowner, an interior design enthusiast, or simply a family looking to upgrade their home with comfortable and stylish European seating options, we have answers for you! Read on to learn more about some of the most popular European styles in Australia, and how to infuse your outdoor space with European flair and comfort by incorporating each best hanging egg chair in Australia into your design. 

The different influences of European Style

Mediterranean Style 

Imagine yourself on the sun-kissed coast of Southern Europe, taking in the sea breezes in Italy, Malta, Portugal, or Spain while sipping the perfect glass of wine. You can capture the feel of European coastal living right in your own backyard by incorporating Mediterranean design elements into your décor. This means embracing warm Earth tones, wrought iron accents, rich terra cotta tiles, and endless natural light in your accessories, furniture, and color palettes.  
An outdoor hanging egg chair Sydney can still transport your spirit to the Mediterranean coast! You can mimic the rustic feel of Mediterranean style by opting for an outdoor hanging egg chair in natural materials such as wicker or rattan, with cushions in tones of olive green, azure blue, and burnt orange to complement the color palette of the rest of your space. There are plenty of Mediterranean motifs to choose from – such as olive branches, mosaic patterns, and images of suns – that can adorn throw pillows added to the hanging egg chair for additional flair.  


The Dayton Outdoor Rope Hanging Egg Chair with gray cushions, situated on a white terrace overlooking the classic white architecture and blue domes of Santorini, Greece.
The Dayton Hanging Egg Chair brings Mediterranean vibes to a Santorini view.

The Dayton Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair is our choice for Mediterranean style, providing comfort that complements the serene charm of this European décor. The Dayton chair could be an incredible focal point to a space embodying the luxe charm of Palermo or Santorini – you can imagine the feel of that seaside breeze through it’s open-weave design (even in an egg chair in Melbourne) while sinking into its cozy cushions designed for sun-kissed relaxation bliss.  Its neutral tones allow you to let your imagination run wild with accessory cushions and it can easily complement a Mediterranean color palette.  

Scandinavian Minimalism 

The Nordic countries seek serenity through sleek materials, simple lines, and unfussy fabrics. Scandinavian minimalism is defined by its simplicity, though that does not mean you must skimp on style. Its clean lines and monochromatic tones with pops of vibrant color make it soothing, attractive, and endlessly functional. The same, of course, could be said for the best hanging egg chair Australia!  

Finding a hanging egg chair outdoor with a sleek design is the best fit, while keeping to natural colors (think black, white, gray, tan) for the main elements with the occasional pop of color (vibrant blues or yellow) in accessories. Don’t go overboard with those pillows on your hanging egg chair outdoor – just one carefully selected high quality pillow or throw blanket will give your space a touch of Scandinavian flair.  

The Kannis Hanging Chair featuring a sleek white metal frame and woven details, complete with cozy gray cushions and a patterned throw blanket, suspended from a curved stand.

Chic Kannis Hanging Chair with gray cushions and a modern white frame, perfect for a cosy nook

The Kannis Hanging Egg Chair in white is the best outdoor hanging egg chair Sydney for this, bringing simple color and clean lines to your overall Scandinavian minimalist oasis. This tranquil spot lets you rest in your outdoor hanging egg chair Sydney to enjoy nature and contemplate the simple things in life – just as the Nordic principles dictate. The style hanging egg chair perfectly blends the Nordic values of form and function, making it an attractive addition to your space. Accessorize with a single monochrome or subtly patterned throw blanket or pillow to bring the European flair to your backyard with the best hanging egg chair outdoor.

French Country 

Say “bonjour!” from the French countryside from your outdoor hanging egg chairs Melbourne! French country style features lovely floral patterns in dainty soft colors alongside distressed woodwork. This quaint, rustic style always has a lived-in feel, leading to optimal coziness.  

Your outdoor hanging egg chairs Melbourne should be just as cozy, and in a traditional or even ornate design mimicking the French preference, ideally with a distressed wood or painted metal that harkens to an earlier time. Pastels and floral patterns are a must for cushions – you might even seek out a classic French toile in gentle blues, whites, and pinks. Any accessories should invite cuddly relaxation on the best egg hanging chair, such as plush cushions and luxuriously soft blankets. Mismatching patterns are your friend here.    

The Turin Outdoor Wicker Single Hanging Egg Chair transports your outdoor hanging egg chairs Melbourne outdoor space to the French countryside. The high-quality wicker design captures the timeless, lived-in materials that are a hallmark of the rustic style. The plush cushions allow for leisure and relaxation, and the neutral tones easily complement accessory fabrics that reflect the traditional country chic, weaving modernity and classical elegance together in your outdoor living space. Consider adding a floral throw pillow or quilted blanket to transport your hanging egg chair Melbourne to a French country garden getaway! 

English Garden 

The English Garden style capture the tradition and romance of European times gone by, bringing together comfortable, hardy, classic furniture with meticulously plotted, lush, and well-maintained gardens. Consider reading a Jane Austen classic while enjoying your hanging egg chair for maximum English garden enjoyment!  
You can integrate a wicker hanging egg chair to blend a classic style into a garden setting, focusing on florals, soft greens, and neutral tones (tans and even subtle pinks) for both the main cushions and the accessories. That said, a floral throw pillow, intricate quilt, or blanket with an English rose pattern can add an extra touch of romance.  
The Koala Outdoor Wicker Hanging Egg Chair is English Garden style meets outdoor egg chair Sydney! Enjoy the tranquility of nature in the embrace of its gentle curves, marked by artisan wicker that calls back to classic English style and plush green cushions that resemble lush British greenery, blooming roses not included. Enjoy a cup of tea – perhaps under a cozy floral blanket – while you relish your outdoor space in the elegance of a European style hanging egg chair. 

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you find yourself drawn to the breezy Mediterranean coasts, the crisp Scandinavian hills, the cozy French countryside, or the romantic English gardens, selecting the right hanging egg chair can take your outdoor space to the next level in European décor while maintaining your own personal preference and style. Infuse your outdoor space with comfort and flair through the various European-inspired aesthetics offered by Remarkable Furniture’s extensive collection of best hanging egg chair Australia statement pieces.  


1. How much space is needed for a hanging egg chair? 

When determining the ideal size for your egg chair, it's advisable to calculate its cubic or square dimensions. To ensure comfort and breathing room, we recommend adding 20% on top of the total cubic metres required for this egg chair. This will provide a more spacious and comfortable seating experience. 

Here is a step-by-step calculation process to guide you: 

(Height of egg chair x Width of egg chair x Depth of egg chair) x 1.2 (in metres)

This straightforward approach ensures that your egg chair not only fits well in its designated space but also offers optimal comfort for relaxation. 

2. Are hanging egg chairs suitable for all weather conditions? 

Each of the best egg hanging chairs in Remarkable Furniture’s collection is crafted from weather-resistant materials designed for outdoor use. However, it's crucial to check the exact product specifications and follow care directions to ensure the durability and longevity of your piece. Hanging egg chairs vary in their suitability for all weather conditions; some are specifically designed for indoor use, while others, such as Remarkable's Outdoor hanging Egg Chairs Kannis Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair that is crafted with precision and attention to detail. This chair boasts weather-resistant materials like polyester with powder coating, acting as a formidable shield against rust and UV damage. The synthetic wicker used in its construction is designed for optimal performance in any weather condition, fortified with UV stabilization to ensure enduring strength and durability. This makes the Kannis Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair a versatile choice suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. 

In contrast, there are Hanging Egg Chairs with aluminium construction, that are recommended for indoor use due to potential weather susceptibility. There are also those made with natural rattan chairs that are only suitable for indoor use due to the material's lack of weather resistance. To make the most of your hanging egg chair investment, carefully review the product specifications and adhere to the provided care instructions. By doing so, you'll not only enhance the lifespan of your chair but also continue to enjoy its comfort and aesthetic appeal for years to come. 

3. What materials are commonly used in European style hanging egg chairs? 

There are several materials used in the best egg hanging chair to match the above-described styles, from wicker to rattan to metal.  

Style Materials Colour Scheme
Mediterranean Style  Wicker or Rattan Earthy tones such as terracotta, olive green, warm browns, and muted blues.
Scandinavian Minimalism Sleek materials like Steel Neutral colour palette like black, white, gray, tan with pops of color like vibrant blues or yellow.
French Country Wood or Wicker Soft, neutral colours dominate the palette. Beige, cream, light gray, or pastel hues create an inviting and calming atmosphere.
English Garden Wicker or Rattan English gardens often feature a mix of greenery and a variety of flowers. To blend seamlessly with this natural environment, hanging egg chairs in European styles often come in neutral colors like whites, creams, and natural tones with greens, soft blues, and rosy hues to mirror the colours of a blooming garden.

4. How do I maintain my hanging egg chair? 

Your hanging egg chair should last a long time if you clean it regularly with water and mild soap, keep the metal from rusting, and store the cushions indoors whenever you’re not using them. Quickly mop up spills, dust and vacuum the cushions, and try to avoid intense cleaning products – aim for those designed for outdoor furniture specifically. The care instructions are your best guide to maintaining the chair.   

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