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Ceramic is an innovative and recyclable material with unique characteristics. It is sturdy, hygienic and easy to clean - as food scraps and deposited waste cannot penetrate the material, so it guarantees good hygiene. Ceramic also promotes scratch, impact, thermal, chemical and stain resistant.


Sintered Stone is commonly referred as Ceramic.

Sintered Stone is a 100% natural material based on granite minerals, glass minerals and natural oxides:

1. Granite materials: Quartz and Feldspar, provide hardness and strength to the surface.

2. Glass minerals: Silica, which ensures chemical stability.

3. Natural oxides: Provide chromatic properties.

This revolutionary high-end product has become a material of choice for architects, designers, specifiers and fabricators alike. This pioneering material can be specified for the most demanding interior and exterior building projects. Combining high-definition and detailed decoration with high-performance qualities, Sintered Stone offers the triple reassurance of strength, beauty and longevity.

Clean & Maintenance

  • Use a clean microfibre cloth to remove any dust or dirt from the surface. Clean your ceramic top regularly as needed, depending on the product location, environmental and usage conditions.
  • Ceramic tabletops can be washed with warm water with a mild detergent can be added and using a soft sponge or soft clean cloth. Always follow the dosage as recommended by the manufacturer (Avoid products containing hydrofluoric acid and its derivatives).
  • Rinse fully with warm water and pat dry with a cloth or similar. Do not use high pressure hoses, as this can damage the other material components.
  • It is recommended to clean the surface immediately if lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil, wine or coffee etc, are spilt onto the surface, to prevent any permanent stains or damages to the ceramic surface.
  • Wipe down accidental spills immediately and do not leave them on the surface to prevent stains/permanent marking.
  • Avoid using waxes, oily soaps, impregnating agents or other treatments on the ceramic surface as it is not necessary and will leave an oily film on the surface of ceramic top.
  • Do not hit your ceramic top with a blunt and heavy object, the edges are the most sensitive to physical damage and it could break.


Multi surface outdoor furniture cleaner and stain remover. Can be use stone, cement concrete look, leather look vinyl, pc metals cast aluminium, wicker texteline, polywood and resin.

Precautionary Measures

Despite the impact-resistant surface, always avoid impacts and shocks to the edges and corners. (The edges are the most sensitive to physical impact damage). Avoid direct contact with very high temperatures from bbq’s or grills, etc. sitting directly on the ceramic surface.

Cutting directly on the surface with a ceramic knife, should be avoided, since these knives have a hardness similar to the table surface. Cutting directly on the surface, should be also avoided overall to protect the surface from any unnecessary damages.

We recommend using a protective outdoor cover and storing the tabletop in an area where it will not be exposed to extreme cold, such as snow and breaking ice, to prevent damage from falling icicles. The cover should also be sufficiently ventilated, so that condensation does not form.

When delivering or transporting the tabletop, never lift it by its exterior front face. Instead, always use two persons and lift by the long side edges only.

The tabletop may only be transported vertically, as it will be exposed to vibrations if moved horizontally, which may result in cracks or breakage.

It is not advisable to use waxes, oily soaps, impregnating agents or other treatments (hydro-oil repellent) on the product, as these products are not necessary and will result in buildup on the surface, which could potentially mark or stain the surface.

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