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Concrete Maintenance and Care

Concrete has become an increasingly popular choice for both indoor and outdoor furniture. It’s robust nature, low maintenance, and ability to withstand the harshest elements, contemporary edge, and cool demeanor make it a must for the modern home.

Remarkable Outdoor Living uses a high-quality Featherstone GFRC (Glass-fibre-reinforced-concrete) to make outdoor furniture, with all the beauty and toughness of raw concrete. Featherstone GFRC provides a stronger, lighter, and longer-lasting product while still holding all the properties of concrete. Our unique method of applying the fiber strands and concrete allows for a dispersion of the fiber, creating an individual matrix or layer, rather than the three layers created by other manufacturing methods.

Featherstone GFRC has been developed specifically to withstand the wide ranges of weather variation found worldwide, from below freezing to over 50°C. It has been tested and found to have sustained no degradation or breakdown. Our unique method of applying the fiber strands and concrete allows for a dispersion of the fiber that creates an individual matrix or layer, rather than the three layers created by other methods. The use of only one layer takes away the possibility of delamination or separation, as well as almost eliminating the small spider web cracks associated with other materials and methods of application. Without the separate layers, Featherstone GFRC has far greater tensile and impact strengths than most. As a result, it can be used in all weather conditions, inside or outside.

This same distinct method also allows for the application of colors through a process of chemical reaction. Featherstone uses no paint or surface layer color, but rather a series of applications developed by our chemist. Through reactions in the concrete, these colors penetrate the matrix, making them impervious to sun and rain. Our sealants are applied the same way, using nanotechnology to penetrate the matrix to further protect our products from ice. (Surface colors and sealants allow for breakdown of bonding and ability for scratching and fading). Remarkable will continue our efforts to support eco-friendly products. GFRC products, lighter than their regular cement counterparts, reduce emissions from transportation. Moreover, by eliminating the use of resins, we greatly increase the environmental benefits of Featherstone GFRC relative to other products on the market.

All our concrete furniture has a base sealant added to the concrete mix when our tables are manufactured, to protect them against marks and minor stains. Although the GFRC furniture has been treated with base sealant, as natural material, minor cracks will occur on concrete surface. Hairline cracks are a result of common shrinkage which occurs during the drying stage of every slab. We always recommend additional sealing of the product before use, given the porous nature of the product. This can be purchased to be completed before use or instructions provided for the product required and process. In addition, crazing can also appear on the surface, due to age and/or exposure to the atmospheric conditions. This is to be expected, and does not affect the quality, or the lifespan of our furniture. If you are not comfortable with the way that natural concrete will age, we invite you to look at our other available materials for outdoor furniture. We love the look of concrete outdoor furniture, and so do many of our clients. This concrete furniture is exceptionally beautiful and well-made and built to be outdoors full-time.

Clean & Maintenance

Concrete is, by nature, a porous material and therefore, susceptible to staining. In our concrete furniture, there is a sealant put in the concrete mix when our tables are manufactured to protect them against marks and minor stains. With this sealant, your concrete will look great and natural for many occasions. Although your GFRC furniture has been treated with sealants, to avoid staining or degradation, we recommend the following measures:

  • Use a warm damp soft or microfiber cloth for general day-to-day cleaning. Wipe up any spills straight away to prevent possible staining.
  • Anything acidic (lemon juice, wine, vinegar, etc.) should be carefully wiped and cleaned immediately to prevent fading and damage to the surface sealant.
  • Wash and clean concrete surfaces with a mild warm soapy water using a non-abrasive sponge and always rinse thoroughly with a garden hose. Avoid high-pressure hoses as they could damage the surface. For water features, ensure no additives or chemicals are added to the water. Avoid bore water or water with a high mineral content.
  • For stubborn stains, use a mild household cleaner or liquid soap (non-abrasive, chlorine/bleach, or ammonium-free).
  • Avoid placing hot or wet items directly on the surface, as they can leave marks. Avoid oil-based products, as they can stain or mark the surface.
  • Use tablecloths, table runners, placemats, and coasters to protect surfaces from scratching and direct heat sources. Never use the tabletop as a cutting surface, as this will permanently mark the surface.
  • Avoid sanding or grinding on surfaces.
  • Avoid using pens or permanent markers directly onto the surface.
  • Avoid using pens or permanent markers directly onto the surface.
  • Lift instead of drag when moving your furniture to avoid chipping. When assembling, keep packing remains to avoid potential chipping during movement.
  • Hairline cracks can occur; clean, lightly sand, and reseal with a clear paving sealer. Follow sealing product directions carefully.
  • An outdoor protective cover is always recommended when the furniture is not in use. Exposure to long periods of rain, pollution, and sunlight will accelerate the wearing of the protective sealer. Use storm covers in the event of hail.
  • Resealing your concrete furniture is recommended after approximately 6-12 months, depending on exposure and usage conditions. Reseal right before every winter in temperatures below zero degrees Celsius with clear paving sealant to avoid cracking due to temperature change and weather conditions.


Multi surface outdoor furniture cleaner and stain remover. Can be use stone, cement concrete look, leather look vinyl, pc metals cast aluminium, wicker texteline, polywood and resin.

Intensifies and deepens the colour of natural stone. Offers a wet-look effect without a glossy shine. Makes granite, marble and bluestone repellent to dirty, water and moisture. Maintains the dark grey colour for a longer time.


Intensifies and deepens the colour of natural stone.Offers a wet-look effect without a glossy shine. Makes granite,marble and bluestone repellent to dirty,water and moisture. Maintains the dark-grey colour for a lounger time.


Avoid cleaning with any harsh chemical cleaners, caustic acids and abrasive products, as these will permanently damage the surface of the product.

Avoid harsh scrubbing, as this could damage the surface sealant.

Important Information

Please note that crazing can appear on the surface due to age and/or exposure to the atmospheric conditions. These commonly don’t have an effect on durability. Do not compromise the structural integrity of tables by sitting or standing on them.

During the time of using, you may discover fine hairline cracks on the GFRC tabletop. Hairline or shrinkage cracks are a result of common shrinkage, which occurs during the drying stage of every slab. Even if you cannot see them, micro cracks are still there. This is because the concrete mixture does not include any elastic materials, thus during the hardening and shrinking stages, small hairline cracks will occur. Hairline cracks are a characteristic of all concrete products and will not affect the structural integrity or condition of the concrete product.

Below are video resources to guide you in properly maintaining your concrete furniture:

What are Hairline Cracks on Concrete

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