Tips For Styling Your Balcony Or Deck

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Even the smallest of balcony or deck spaces can hold great potential when it comes to styling and functionality. Choosing the right pieces and combining practicality with comfort is key when maximizing a balcony or deck. With a few small tips and hacks, a compact space can be transformed to one of both sanctuary and entertainment.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled our top recommendations for outdoor pieces that work well on balconies and decks.

Sofa Dining Options

The sofa-dining combination is a popular choice for balconies that have the room to cater for it. And with so many great outdoor sofas on the market now, this is a two-in-one solution that enables required seating and comfortable lounging all in one. Combined with a bench or low table, it makes for a practical and cosy way to cultivate a small space.

Wicker Balls

Our wicker ball chairs, also known as Ball or Balcony Chairs, are a popular and stylish choice for small spaces, with comfort in mind. Made from hand-woven wicker, with an aluminium frame, our wicker ball chairs come in white, black and natural, to suit just about any theme.

Armless Chairs & Benches

Armless chairs and benches are a great way to maximize a smaller balcony or deck. Armless chairs in particular, tend to be small enough to be mobile; therefore accommodating varying needs, and can be tucked under a small table or bar, or used as a corner piece.

Dining Chair And Small Table Arrangement

Similarly, a small casual dining experience can be created with two or more dining chairs and a small balcony table.

Hanging Pod Chairs

Hanging pod chairs are a stylish way to make a balcony or deck more inviting and functional. Accompanied by a freestanding stand, they take up very little space and can be worked in with complementary décor such as a side table and greenery.

Accessorise with greenery, cushions and a mirror

Once you have your basic outdoor pieces arranged, any balcony or deck can be brought to life with colour through outdoor cushion arrangement and as little or as much greenery as desired. Some people also opt to use a wall mirror where feasible to create more of a living room feel and to make the space appear bigger.


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