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Summertime always brings along reminiscence and sweet memories attached to its long days. These days mind us of our childhood, vacations, and relaxing times with family and friends. For Austrians, sun loungers are high on the summer must-haves list. And how could they not be?! Sun loungers are one of the most common outdoor furniture available nowadays. They work as the perfect addition to any outdoor settings like patios, backyards, balconies, and pool side.

Sun loungers combine a look of luxury and comfort with a possibility for variation to suit many needs, styles, spaces, and budgets. Get ready to soak up the sun all-year round and explore the art of buying sun loungers!

The Sun Lounger Buyer Guide

Buying furniture can often be over-whelming, there are too many options and too many variables. But no need to worry, the sun lounger buyer guide is here to ensure that the process of choosing a sun lounger is just as relaxing as laying down on a hot summer day!

When you are buying a new outdoor sun lounger, there are a few factors to keep in mind: manufacturing material, available area and dimensions, design, extra features, and the optimal number of seats. To narrow down your options and help you choose the sun lounger that would work best for you, take a look at each of these factors in the outdoor sun lounger buyer guide.


Sun loungers, like many other types of outdoor future, come in a variety of materials that will vary in price according to quality and durability. However, at Remarkable Outdoor Furniture, we never want you to be in a position where you have to choose something that is of low quality just to fir your budget. Here, we offer you a selection of sun lounger made of different materials, at various price points, without having to let go of our standard quality. Take a look at the possible materials and see what fits your needs the most:

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Aluminium Sun Loungers

Very light-weight yet durable. Thus, suitable for those who want to be able to move their lounger around with ease. Most sun lounger buyers will resort to powder coated aluminum, since its selection is often not only variable in design and amount of cushioning, but also carries a certain radiance that captures the eye.

Teak Sun Loungers

Teak hardwood is one of the most famous wood types and highly rates as one of the best, and rightfully so. It resists water, pests, rot and obviously looks very classy and luxurious! This material would be suitable for those who prioritize elegancy and are willing to go the extra mile to care for their outdoor furniture.

Merbau Sun Loungers

Merbau is very commonly used in outdoor settings and it is also resistant to termites. It balances the classy look of wood furniture with the durability of modern metals. The outdoor merbau sun loungers work very well in garden settings.

Stainless Steel Sun Loungers

Stainless steel is pretty much in no need for introduction. When used as a frame for outdoor furniture like sun loungers or sun beds, it is a functional, strong, and modern-looking material that adds a sleek look to a pool side. Stainless steel simply works!

Sleek clean-lined modern or classic rustic wood… whatever style you have embraced for your home, you will find the ideal sun lounger to match it in style and durability!

Special editions & Features

Sometimes the simplest options work best for you, however, at other times, you might need a little more than basic. That is why you might want to consider outdoor sun loungers with additional features. For instance, you might want extra sitting room. Or quite the opposite, you might have limited space in your home and would like to have something that is smaller than a traditional sun lounger but more comfortable than a deckchair. Here are two products that open the door to more possibilities:

Two-Piece Outdoor Sun Lounger

Convertibles are always fun! This sun lounger consists of two separate pieces: a chair and a footrest. Go for this option if you want something that can convert between a regular chair and a lounger. The two-piece outdoor sun lounger is also perfect for smaller areas and spaces, like balconies.

Three-Seater Outdoor Sun Lounger

Our outdoor sun loungers and sunbeds are so comfy… you are going to want to share it with your family! Today, you can get a sun lounger with three seats, perfect for a family household and just as comfortable as the regular one-seat sun lounger. This choice is perfect if you expect to share the seating on your porch or by your pool with a couple of friends.

What Matters Most: Comfort!

While all these options may seem over-whelming initially, but you need to keep in mind that each sun lounger model is going to be unique in its own way; be it in the features, size, or even in its cushions. That is because we cater to each set of unique needs in our client base. You might go for a three-seater, or a traditional sun lounger, it is up to you and what work best for you!

What matters most, is your comfort! And at Remarkable outdoor furniture, we provided the optimum balance between comfort, durability, and cost. From the luscious cushioning materials, water-repellent polyester fabric, separate footrests, and adjustable backrests, to the frame itself… every piece was selected to ensure maximum comfort and flexibility.

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Staycation 2022: Summer Relaxion amidst the CoVid-19 pandemic

The year 2020 might have taken from us a lot of long-lasting summer traditions like traveling, gathering with families and friends, and beach days. And while these conditions may last for yet another summer or more, that does not mean we have to simply give up the tender joys of summer days. You can still enjoy relaxing on a hot summer day without giving up the cautionary measures, you would not even have to leave the comfort and safety of your own patio!

That is why outdoor furniture like sun loungers and sunbeds are gaining popularity these days; more and more people are seeking out ways to create their own hangouts in their homes just to find a way to soak up the sun without breaking the rules of the quarantine and social distancing. People even came up with the term “Staycation” to encourage others to comply with social distancing while enjoying their summer vacations. A sun lounger or two is what most people need to complete their outdoor hangouts in their backyards. Sometimes, a sun lounger can also act as a stand-alone piece in a small nook to relax during a work-from-home break or to get away from the news for half an hour or so.

With a sun lounger, you can easily have a simple addition to your outdoor furniture that will allow you to relax, enjoy the sun, breather fresh, read a book, listen to music, or just chill by your poolside and enjoy a drink in your garden, patio, pool side, or balcony.

Where to find our selection of sun loungers

You can find Remarkable outdoor living’s outdoor sun lounger and sunbed selection in any of our outdoor furniture showrooms listed below.

  • Sydney: 1001 Pacific highway Pymble, NSW 2073
  • Melbourne: 232 Whitehorse Rd, Nunawading VIC 3131
    244 Chesterville Road, Moorabbin, VIC 3189
  • Brisbane: Shop 14, Homemaker The Valley north, 650 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley,
    QLD 4006
  • Sunshine Coast: Shop 6, Maroochydore Homemaker Centre, 11/55 Maroochy Blvd,
    Maroochydore QLD 4558

Since Remarkable outdoor living caters to all sun lounger buyer needs, we provide a selection of the best sun loungers on the market online too. We have displayed our products and catalogs for you to browse, right in the comfort of your home. You can browse and choose your ideal outdoors sun lounger online from our website now!

You can check out our catalogs that provide a variety of other outdoor furniture ranging from chairs, benches, dinning tables and even fire pits either in one of our local stores or online through our website and e-catalog.

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