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Remarkable only use tried and tested materials, such as quality and durability synthetic rope. We rely on the experience in yacht building, climbing and other demanding applications, where extreme stresses occur. Double braid made with polyester core and multi-filament propylene cover. It is reliable, tear-resistant, weatherproof and durable, which makes it an ideal material for high-quality outdoor furniture collections. Our rope is made with high grade fabric fibre’s, which enjoy durability and high colour-fastness. Proper care includes regular cleaning. We recommend cleaning your rope & strap at least twice annually for residential applications and more often for high traffic areas or contract applications.

Clean & Maintenance

  • Gently wipe off any dirt and stains with a damp cloth.
  • Use a with a neutral cleaning mixture of water and mild natural soap and use a soft bristle brush or nonabrasive cloth to clean and allow air dry.

Deep Cleaning

Pre spot the stain with a cold detergent solution (2 tbs. powdered detergent per 4 gallons of water). Clean using a warm detergent solution (8 tbs. powdered detergent per gallon of water). Do not add any bleach. Rinse thoroughly. Air-dry and inspect. Do not steam clean.



    Only lift and handle the rope furniture from the aluminum structure, and do not pinch or grab the weaving when moving. Avoid using a knife to unpack the rope furniture package, as this could potentially cut the rope.


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