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Stainless Steel Maintenance & Care

Stainless Steel is a popular modern material, to meet the demands of our times. Easy to take care of and hardwearing, as well as exceptionally durable. We use V2A (304) for the best quality and solid dimensions for our Stainless-Steel frames. Stainless Steel is an iron alloy, in which the resistance to corrosion is increased through the addition of chrome and nickel. The material does not stain, corrode or rust as easily as standard steel. However, Stainless steel is not 100% stain or rust proof. It is recommended that in locations near the sea the metal should be Electro-Polished, where possible. Stainless steel can show signs of staining and brown discoloration – commonly known as “tea staining” on the surface of products over time and is not rusted. Tea staining does not affect the structural integrity or the longevity of the products and can be controlled.

Clean & Maintenance

  • Regular gentle cleaning, using stainless steel cleaner and warm soapy water is necessary & highly recommended.
  • Gently scrub in direction that corresponds to the grain, to remove any oxidization and restore the metal’s natural glossy finish in seconds.
  • Minor scratches can generally be removed by gently rubbing with a non-scratch scouring pad in the direction of the grain.
  • If the furniture will be located in a seaside area or near a saltwater pool, regular cleaning will help remove the concentrated of salt deposits that can lead to damaging the product.
  • Store away the furniture and protect with an outdoor cover when not in use.
  • Do not use scourging agents or other cleaning tools that could cause scratches on the Stainless-Steel surface and do not leave chemicals on the surface other than stainless steel care products.


Golden Care® Outdoor Furniture Cleaner

Multi surface outdoor furniture cleaner and stain remover. Can be use stone, cement concrete look, leather look vinyl, pc metals cast aluminium, wicker, texteline, polywood and resin.


Do not use scouring agents or other cleaning tools, that could cause damages and scratches on the stainless-steel surface. Always remove fully any chemical products that have made contact with the stainless-steel, so these chemicals do not damage the stainless steel overall.

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