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Teak Maintenance & Care

Teak is one of the most durable hardwoods in the world, and is very sturdy, weather resistant and perfect for outdoor furniture use. Teak has been regarded for centuries as the ideal timber for boat building and furniture, where strength and longevity are required, even when exposed to moisture and climate variations.

Recycled Teak

Creating something new from old wood, such as abandoned houses, colonial buildings, old railroads, and barns,gives repurpose for these beautiful timbers. After sorting the materials, foreign objects, such as nails are extensively removed from the wood, and it is then cut to size and sent for further mechanical surface processing in preparation for outdoor furniture production.

Recycled teak combines both the durability and strength of traditional teak, with the environmental benefits associated with recycling existing materials, and to ease the pressure off plantation and new raw materials.

Teak Properties

Due to natural variations in the wood, each teak product and finish may vary slightly, in texture & colour overall. When cared for as recommended, Teak wood is very robust and weather-resistant and offers great strength, durability and also experiences little warpage, even in changing climatic conditions.

Teak wood resins contain unique oils, giving the highest decay-resistance among all natural wood products. Due to the natural colour pigments found in the teak wood, we highly recommend using a garden hose to rinse all new teak furniture thoroughly several times before use on a nonreactive surface, such as grass or gravel before use, to help the colour pigments wash out more quickly. This prewashing process will then help to prevent the natural colour pigments leaking from the timbers, which can cause staining on surfaces, such as concrete, light tile floors, sandstone floors or any other open pore floor coverings. Please note, it is not recommended to use a high pressure hose or machinery on any teak or timber surfaces, due to the damage to the timber surface that will occur from this method. As all timbers are a natural product, and all have their own unique structure, small cracks may form under the influence of rain, temperature fluctuations and light. The formation of larger gaps between individual strips is also a characteristic feature for this product. As the timber ages, so does the colour change, resulting in silver-grey patina, which is a typical feature of the teak, and does not affect the quality of the wood and its performance characteristics.

Recycled Teak Properties

One of the beautiful characteristics of recycled teak wood, is the imperfections, hinting at its history and use in an earlier life. These imperfections include laminations, nails, patches, holes, minor variations in hue, minor scratches, dents, cracks, knotholes, screw holes, inserts ills may eventually raise to the surface or other characteristics typical of up-cycled teak wood. None of these characteristics will affect the life of the product, but they will make the product uniquely yours. The unique features of these recycled timbers, will also sometimes show oxidation marks where there were once nails or other metals in the wood. These may cause dark black spots and are a feature of these reclaimed teak products.

FAQ About Teak Furniture Care

What options do I have to protect my teak furniture from turning silver-grey and remain honey or natural colour?

We suggest applying a teak sealer or teak oil product to your furniture, this maintenance process, will help to preserve the original teak colour, and to help prevent the natural silver-grey fading process.

As all outdoor spaces can be so varied, whether there will always be full weather exposure or an undercover area providing better protection from the elements, giving your furniture the best suitable maintenance, will result in the best longevity of the furniture investment overall. If your furniture will have full exposure to the elements, it is recommended to re-oil your furniture, once it has been cleaned every season, or approximately 4 times a year. All other outdoor areas undercover, should be re-oiled, after cleaning twice a year.

How to clean my teak furniture?

To keep your teak furniture in its best condition long term and free from dust, dirt and the natural elements, we recommend you regularly, lightly brush off and/or wipe with a damp cloth, paying extra attention to horizontal surfaces. Your teak furniture can also be easily cleaned, by gently washing with a mild warm soapy water mixture, followed by hosing down with water via a garden hose to rinse off all dirt and soapy residue. Always leave to dry naturally fully before covering, if required.

Please note that the use of a pressure cleaner or any high pressure hose on teak furniture, will result in furring or raised grains and will increase the likelihood of splintering and overall damage to the timber. We recommended using Golden Care ® teak cleaner, if a normal mild soapy water mixture does not clean the surfaces effectively. If you have already pressure cleaned your teak furniture, the surface will generally then need to be sanded to remove the furring or raise grains of the timber. It is recommended to use a 120 grit sand paper, to remove the raised grains and then to finish with a 220 grit sandpaper for a smoother final finish.

How to remove stains from teak surfaces eg: food & wines etc?

Applying the recommended teak sealer or teak oil for maintenance of all teak products, will help to prevent & protect the timber from food or wine etc marks and stains from occurring. To remove stains, a soft plastic-bristle brush with a mild soapy water can be used gently on the surface if needed, being careful not to scrub the surface hard and furring or raising the grains of the timber. If a stain cannot be removed with a cleaning mixture, you may be required to lightly sand the affected area with a fine-grit sandpaper, always working with the direction of the grain. Please note, that sanding the surface will also remove any sealer in that section and colouring/patina from the surface. Resealing with a teak sealer or teak oil after sanding is recommended.

Can I leave my Teak furniture outside?

Absolutely, however, all teak products will increase their longevity, if they are protected from the elements when not in use. We recommend the use of an outdoor protective cover for all outdoor furniture when it is not in use. Always only cover your timber furniture when it is fully dry, as covering wet timber furniture, may cause mildew to appear. If you live in an area with extreme cold, it is advisable to store your furniture undercover or cover your furniture, as repeated exposure to extreme cold or freezing elements, can result in minor cracks opening to more severe cracks over time.

What should I do if dark black spots or stains appear on furniture surface?

Teak wood is a natural organic material, mould stains may form on the surface, if the furnishings are exposed to constant humidity. These are potentially caused by stubborn dirt deposits from the air & elements, improper care or lack of ventilation if the furnishings are covered incorrectly. To remove stains, a soft plastic-bristle brush with a mild soapy water can be used gently on the surface if needed, being careful not to scrub the surface hard and furring or raising the grains of the timber. If a stain cannot be removed with a cleaning mixture, you may be required to lightly sand the affected area with a fine-grit sandpaper, always working with the direction of the grain. Please note, that sanding the surface will also remove any sealer in that section and colouring/patina from the surface. Resealing with a teak sealer or teak oil after sanding is recommended. Please always remove such spots promptly so that the black stains do not penetrate the wood any further.

To remove any heavier buildup of mildew etc, it is recommended to use specially designed teak cleaner, such as Golden Care® Teak Cleaner. These cleaners have been developed to protect the timber, while removing unwanted dirt and grime. Always follow the product instructions correctly for the best results and rinse the furniture thoroughly with your garden hose. Do not leave any teak cleaner solution on the furniture and always allow the furniture to dry fully after cleaning.

What should I pay attention to when relocating the furniture?

If you wish to relocate your furniture, it is recommended to always lift and carry the furniture item. Please do not drag and furniture, as dragging over uneven surfaces, may cause jolting to the furniture, which may impact the overall structure and integrity at the joints.

Should I regularly check & tighten my teak furniture after use?

We recommend you always check & tighten the screws on all furniture periodically, as this helps maintain the designed structure of the frames and helps to prevent the frames from working loose and causing damage to the joints and furniture overall.

How to choose the appropriate product to protect & clean my teak furniture?

  1. If you wish to protect your teak from everyday food and drink stains, we recommend the use the Golden Care® Teak Shield. We have chosen the best products that the Teak Furniture Care industry has to offer, in order to ensure the beauty and longevity of your outdoor furniture, with the least amount of maintenance.
  2. If you prefer to maintain the original honey hues of the teak, we recommend the use the Golden Care® Teak Protector at the beginning and at the end of the season, to enjoy the clean new look of teak, year-round.
  3. To restore your teak furniture to its original colour, we recommend the use the Golden Care® Teak Cleaner. This water-based, environmentally safe solution, that penetrates deep into the wood, removing mildew, mould and dirt from the timber surface.

Our range of high-performance furniture care products from Golden Care® are completely safe for the environment. All Golden Care products are completely free of harmful solvents (volatile organic compounds) and are water-based. Please always follow the product instructions for use correctly, for the best results for your outdoor furniture.

Important Information

After a period of time teak can show cracks, especially in the end grains. These are quite natural and do not detract from the timber's strength or durability. Also, the static is not affected in any way. Usually, the cracks may only be recognized during excessive heat or intense exposure to sunlight as well as during low levels of humidity. In contrast, the crack is almost closed or can hardly be recognized during high levels of humidity and rain. Thus, no moisture can penetrate during winter.

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