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Remarkable Outdoor Living & Martini Luxury Houseboats: A Synergy of Opulent Outdoor Living.

Remarkable Outdoor Living, a luxury outdoor furniture brand, has today announced a partnership with Martini Luxury Houseboats. Remarkable Outdoor Living’s elegant furniture is on Martini Luxury Houseboats’ French Martini, the first luxury floating apartment to feature at the Sanctuary Boat Show, Australia’s largest boating showcase.

Established in 2011, Remarkable Outdoor Living is one of the leading luxury outdoor furniture brand in Australia. Remarkable Outdoor Living collaborates very closely with its suppliers, allowing the company to craft luxurious furniture that can stand the test of time. Their elegant, luxurious furniture has been featured in many multi-million-dollar homes throughout Australia, and with the new partnership with Martini Luxury Houseboats, now on luxury ‘floating apartments.’

Martini Luxury Houseboats, like Remarkable Outdoor Living, does things a little differently from competing businesses. Martini Luxury Houseboats has created the very first floating luxury apartment – The French Martini. This luxury floating apartment aims to bring elegant apartment accomodation to the waters of Australia. The French Martini houseboat is designed for individuals who wants to take to the waters but wants to do so in comfort and style. Remarkable Outdoor Living are pleased to announce that their outdoor living products are featured throughout The French Martini.

An inviting dining space showcasing a Grace recycled teak round dining table set with fine dinnerware. The table is complemented by stylish string bar chairs in a charcoal color, offering a modern yet timeless appeal. The dining area is bathed in natural light, enhancing the warm tones of the teak wood and the chic contrast of the charcoal chairs.

Our Grace Teak Table with chic dinnerware, encircled by charcoal string chairs, all highlighted by the warm glow of natural light.
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Martini Luxury Houseboats are the perfect home for Remarkable Outdoor Living products. Both companies are heavy promoters of ‘Make Outdoor, Indoor,’ a campaign that promotes the idea that outdoor furniture can work just as well indoors as id does outdoors. The luxurious nature of both brands highlight's the elegant, beautiful, well-constructed design of the houseboat and the furniture that has been hand selected to feature in this elegant structure. The partnership demonstrates that not only can Remarkable Outdoor Living's products help to bring to life a luxurious houseboat, but the products are more than capable of standing up to the elements that boat life can experience.

Products across the breadth of Remarkable Outdoor Living’s range are on the French Martini houseboat. This includes their String Bar Chairs, Colwood Lounge, Bradford Coffee Table, Skyline Sun-lounges and Grace Outdoor Recycled Teak Table. Martini Luxury Houseboats has meticulously selected furniture that not only enhances the boat’s opulent aesthetic but also boasts durability and timeless, modern designs. Versatile for both outdoor and indoor settings, this furniture is strategically placed across the boat, contributing to the functionality and beauty of this luxury floating apartment.

Enjoy a leisurely outdoor experience on a plush Colwood Lounge in light grey, paired with a chic Bradford coffee table in white. This elegant setup is perfect for socializing and soaking in the tranquil views of the waterfront.

Relax on a soft grey Colwood Lounge with a sleek white Bradford coffee table, ideal for waterfront relaxation and social moments.
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Martini Luxury Houseboats has put together a video of the French Martini, where it is possible to see Remarkable Outdoor Living’s furniture enhance the elegant design of the structure.

The partnership between Remarkable Outdoor Living and Martini Luxury Houseboats presents a fantastic opportunity for the two brands:

  • In a move that heralds a new era of luxury waterfront living to provide unparalleled holiday experiences. This collaboration is ready to set new benchmarks in the luxury lifestyle sector, offering growth opportunities for both brands.

  • Perfectly aligned clientele that seeks quality furnishings for their upscale apartments, boats, and homes. This synergy ensures that every piece of furniture not only complements the luxurious ambiance but also meets the functional needs of sophisticated living.

  • Martini Luxury Houseboats outfits their luxury floating apartments with affordable products that can help to complete the luxurious feeling their houseboats are aiming for. Remarkable Outdoor Living’s furniture has the right aesthetics to ensure that any space feels functional, beautiful, and opulent.

  • Customers of both brands benefit. Remarkable Outdoor Living’s customers can see the Australian furniture company’s furniture in the best environment, allowing customers to see how functional Remarkable Outdoor Living’s products are. Martini Luxury Houseboat clients receive a houseboat fitted with the best furniture for life on the water.


An outdoor oasis featuring a Colwood lounge and a Skyline sunlounge in charcoal, set amidst a backdrop of lush greenery and tranquil waters, illuminated by the soft glow of the sun’s rays.

A Colwood lounge and Skyline sunlounge create a relaxing outdoor setting, complemented by natural surroundings and gentle waters.
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Martini has stated:

“We are very happy with our furniture choices from Remarkable. Our first houseboat design, called the French Martini, will be the first luxury floating apartment. It will be showcased at this year’s Sanctuary Cove Boat Show’.


Journalists and potential customers who wish to see Remarkable Outdoor Living’s Furniture on the French Martini can find the French Martini at this year’s Sanctuary Cove Boat Show between the 23rd and 26th May. The luxury floating apartment is on Pier J, opposite the VIP Lagoon Beach Club.

Visit the Remarkable Outdoor Living website to learn more about their premium furniture range. Customers in Australia can visit one of the seven Remarkable Outdoor Living showrooms.

About Remarkable Outdoor Living

Established in 2001, Remarkable Outdoor Living has dedicated itself to providing durable outdoor furniture of outstanding quality. By collaborating closely with manufacturers and carefully selecting premium materials, they have crafted a furniture line designed for longevity and style. Their direct relationships with suppliers allow them to create luxurious furniture that stands the test of time. With a network of seven stores across Australia and a convenient online store, Remarkable Outdoor Living ensures accessibility for all customers, regardless of their proximity to a physical location. 

About Martini Luxury Houseboats

Martini Luxury Houseboats is an Australian luxury houseboat builder. Offering unparalleled luxury and extravagance in holiday accomodation, Martini Luxury Houseboats is committed to offering an elevated ‘at-home’ apartment feel. Their latest design, the French Martini, is their very first luxury floating apartment. This houseboat is designed for those who want all the comforts of home, the luxuries of boating and the serenity of being out on the waters.

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