Remarkable Outdoor Furniture Meets Selling Houses Australia: The Most Beautiful TV Collaboration?

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When Remarkable Outdoor Living met Selling Houses Australia, people gazed upon (and yearned for) beautiful outdoor spaces. It's the collaboration real estate TV didn't know it needed until it happened.

Remarkable Outdoor Living and Selling Houses Australia 2022 Collaboration Episode 6
Remarkable Outdoor Living and Selling Houses Australia 2022 Collaboration Episode 6


Here at Remarkable Outdoor Living,¬†we've¬†been in the exterior furniture game for a while ‚ÄĒ crafting and selling durable yet aesthetically gorgeous pieces is at the very core of what we do.¬†We're¬†outside oasis creators. So, when the opportunity to work with the popular TV show,¬†Selling Houses Australia, came upon us, "yes" was our only answer.‚ÄĮ

Selling Houses Australia is a show¬†comprising¬†an award-winning host and¬†real estate pro (Andrew Winter),¬†interior design expert (Wendy Moore), and an experienced landscape designer (Dennis Scott)¬†who toil to craft jaw-dropping homes for eager buyers. The show takes you through the entire process, and the outdoor furniture aspect is where we come into play.‚ÄĮ¬†

It's safe to say we've had an exhilarating time picking, delivering, and working with the SHA team on these homes. And now it's time to share our collaboration story.


2023 was the Start of the Epic TV Adventure for Remarkable Outdoor Furniture

It all began with a conversation, which turned into an ongoing relationship that we¬†couldn't¬†be happier with. Like everything¬†in¬†TV, things take time, but our work for the show became official on 30th June 2022, when we (excitedly) signed the paperwork.‚ÄĮ¬†

But what did these signatures mean exactly? 

The deal was this ‚ÄĒ we loaned outdoor furniture to Selling Houses Australia so they could beautifully stage and sell their renovated homes to buyers who fell in love with their meticulously crafted creations.¬†

And as our Head of Marketing, Dean Long put so eloquently...

"We are beyond excited to have collaborated with Selling Houses Australia on this project. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our high-quality outdoor furniture on such a well-known and respected TV program. We're thrilled to have had the chance to work with the talented team at Selling Houses Australia and look forward to seeing our furniture inspire viewers to create their own dream outdoor spaces."


Our Deal is a Two-Way Street

Much like where most of the houses on the show were situated, the Remarkable/Selling Houses Australia deal is a two-way street.‚ÄĮ¬†

If¬†there's¬†one thing we know exceptionally well,¬†it's¬†outdoor furniture. Not only do we know what looks good, we know what materials will last in the Australian climate. And¬†that's¬†exactly what the show was looking for ‚ÄĒ aesthetic furniture that easily withstands the test of time (and weather).‚ÄĮ¬†

The Selling Houses Australia team trusted our long-standing industry expertise, so much so that they loaned our products for the entirety of season 15 and we'll be working with them again for the upcoming season 16.

They receive stunning pieces to bring their renovations to life; we receive in-show exposure, end-credit mentions, and the pleasure to post about our partnership.‚ÄĮ


The Picking Process

Other than seeing our furniture on television, this was the most exciting part of the venture. The SHA team provided their project's scope and the desired finish, and Dennis (the show's landscaper) selected items from our glorious catalogue to perfectly fit the brief. 

Upon telling us which items¬†they'd¬†like,¬†we made extra recommendations based on our in-house experts' advice about suitability for the proposed space and stock availability.‚ÄĮ¬†

For example: 

To suit the chic yet oh-so-usable look desired for the cottage on Episode 4, Sunshine West, VIC, we provided our:

Dover Teak Dining Table and Monsoon Wicker featuring in Selling Houses Australia 2022 Collaboration Episode 4

Remarkable Outdoor Living Dover Teak Dining Table and Monsoon Wicker Dining Chair
Dover Teak Dining Table and Monsoon Wicker Dining Chair featuring on Selling Houses Australia 2022 Collaboration Episode 4

Fitting the effortlessly stylish, beautifully intimate vibe required on Episode 6, Maroubra, NSW, we loaned the following pieces:

After that, we discussed everything with our store managers who ensured the items were fantastically presented in Remarkable packaging. 

We loaned and delivered the pieces free-of-charge to the show's crew for eight weeks and provided the new homeowner a chance to purchase the furniture if they loved it so much that they couldn't let it go.

Remarkable Outdoor Living warehouse team arriving for Selling Houses Australia 2022 Collaboration

Remarkable Outdoor Living delivery team carrying product items for the Selling Houses Australia collaboration
Remarkable Outdoor Living warehouse team transporting items for Selling Houses Australia 2022 Collaboration


The Staging Process

At this point, we've delivered our hand-picked furniture to the on-air team, so it was up to them how they positioned everything. The crew handled our items with great care, using their designer's expertise to find the optimal position for every piece.

And it's safe to say the results were even more beautiful than we imagined. Having seen the final look, we were blown away by how well everything came together to create the perfect outdoor oases for SHA's renovated abodes.

Our personal favourite? The house featured on Episode 6 Maroubra, NSW. The front-facing exterior wall boasted dark trims, which seamlessly aligned with our anthracite Nardi Doga Dining Chairs positioned by the landscaper in the rear outside space. Coupled with the lush turf and the verdant tree, and it's a personal paradise for the lucky enjoyer. 

Trivento Ceramic Dining Table and Nardi Doga Chair featuring in Selling Houses Australia 2022 Collaboration Episode 6


Want to See the Outdoor Beauty for Yourself? 

This collaboration is one we're more than excited to continue on to the 16th season of Selling Houses Australia, where our furniture will continue adding to the beautification of homes around the nation ‚ÄĒ and seen by eyes all over the world.¬†

The benefits come in spades for both parties. We're able to proudly show off our branding and beautiful yet durable furniture on the television, while the hard-working crew at Selling Houses Australia loans the perfect finishing touches for their carefully coordinated outside spaces. 

If you would like to see the dynamic team renovate houses and stage outdoor oases with our pieces, head over to Selling Houses Australia. And if you'd like a slice of our paradise pie for yourself, visit one of our showrooms (in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast) and follow us on social media. You'll never miss a new Remarkable Outdoor Furniture range again!




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