Five Fun Facts About Outdoor Daybeds

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A daybed is one of the simplest ways to transform an outdoor space or balcony. Whether it's watching the kids play, retreating from the pool, or curling up with a good book and a warm throw in the cooler months, daybeds offer the perfect combination of comfort and style.

Available in multiple sizes and styles, our outdoor daybed range spans an array of varying materials, from textaline to wicker to merbau, we have options to suit any style, budget and outdoor space.

Five Fun Facts about Outdoor Daybeds:  Why We're such a Fan of them

Kids love them

Outdoor daybeds aren't just for adults. Built for endurance, they are durable and robust enough to weather the wear and tear of kids using them. Great for accompanying a poolside or the kid's play equipment, daybeds are a piece that the whole family can enjoy.

They can provide protection from the sun

We stock various daybed options with protective hood covers, which are great for avoiding the sun's harsh rays – ask us about our weather resistant and UV stabilized materials. Daybeds with hoods are also designed to protect the bed itself, making this a popular feature in the outdoor furniture realm.

Daybeds can interchangeably become sofas

With the right cushion arrangement, a daybed can easily pull off a sofa vibe. Pop a side table or coffee table in the mix and you have an outdoor living arrangement that can easily revert back to a daybed when it suits.

You can add years to your cushion's lifespans

Whilst both outdoor and daybed cushions are designed with weather resistance in mind, you can make your cushions last longer by storing them when they are not in use. While there are plenty of cost-effective daybeds available, replacing their cushions can be quite costly, and sometimes not possible – it pays to look after them.

There are daybed options to suit every budget

At Remarkable, our daybeds vary in size, style as well as budget. Regardless of what end of the budget spectrum you're at, we have something to suit everyone.

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