How To Create The Perfect Retreat With Wicker Outdoor Furniture

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How To Create The Perfect Retreat With Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Sit back, relax and really enjoy your outdoor space all year long with a selection of the best wicker outdoor furniture. This versatile material can be used in so many ways to truly bring your space to life and create a unique charm. It’s time to transform your backyard into the perfect outdoor retreat, where you can escape with family and friends and settle back and enjoy entertaining throughout the year. From the perfect outdoor Summer barbecue to chilly afternoons huddled up under the outdoor heater, the wicker chair will see you through the seasons. Here’s how to create the perfect retreat with wicker.

1. Keep it casual

If you want to create a laid-back retreat vibe, then start off by opting for the casual look. Skip the formal dining (which has its own time and place) and think comfortable chairs and easy-to-reach coffee table to park those cocktails. It helps to go for lighter colours that will not only open up the space, but create a fresh, oasis look that will have your guests feeling nice and relaxed from the moment they step foot outside. It brings to life feelings of Summer and beach getaways, to instantly transport everyone into holiday mode.

The Noosa 4 Seater Outdoor Wicker Lounge Setting is perfect. The resort-style sofa is not only inviting for guests, but perfect for you to stretch out on your own while catching some sun. with two armchairs and a coffee table it makes the perfect relaxed setting to entertain all year round.

2. Add a pop of colour

People underestimate the power of colour to bring a space alive. Colours come with connotations that can instantly transport you to another place. Keeping your setting light, airy, with a pop of bright colour really brings to life those outdoor oasis vibes and creates the perfect retreat.

Our Noosa range looks stunning paired with a pop of coral, creating the perfect Summertime look that will brighten up your days. Add in some candles or fairy lights to complement the colours and add to the calming vibe of your entertainment area. You will want to sit out there all year long.

3. Add a hanging chair

Nothing truly shouts outdoor retreat like a wicker hanging chair. Add it to a little nook in your backyard and let your guests choose to sit back in comfort and relaxation. It’s the perfect place for guests to swing while chatting away at an outdoor barbecue. It also creates the perfect retreat with a good book during your downtime.

Our Hanging Egg Chairs feature hand woven wicker in a range of chic modern designs, padded to perfection with luxurious cushions to create an amazing cosy nook in your outdoor retreat. It will become the focal point of your outdoor space and enjoyed by all.

4. Add a daybed

If you’re looking to offer friends and family optimal comfort, then add a daybed to your outdoor space. It invites guests to take off their shoes, get comfortable and relax back in style while talking away the afternoon. These luxurious beds make a feature statement in your backyard, while remaining nice and practical too. You can fit multiple people on the one bed while entertaining, and really set the mood of the occasion.

You can opt for the circular design of our Colwood Outdoor Rope Sunlounger which really harnesses that resort-style vibe, inviting you to curl up and settle back in comfort.

Transforming your yard

Wicker is one of those versatile materials that can instantly transform the look at feel of your backyard, with just a little styling involved.

It’s best to work with the space you have available. Get a sense of how much room you have to place with, and fill it up with the most appropriate furniture. You can then play around with cushions, candles, lights and more to really bring your space to life and create the perfect retreat you won’t be able to get enough of.

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