Why Choose Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture? Benefits and Care Guide

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Polly Outdoor Recycled Teak Bench & Dining Table in a natural wood outdoor dining arrangement with Darwin Outdoor wicker dining chairs, simple tableware, greenery, and partial shading for a warm and inviting al fresco atmosphere.
The Polly Recycled Teak Dining Set spotlights the natural beauty of recycled teak wood.

Planning on furnishing your outdoor area? Consider Teak outdoor furniture – there’s a reason why it remains popular despite the rise of other materials like resin, or synthetic fibres. 

Australia, with its love for outdoor living, is the perfect canvas for the timeless allure of teak furniture. Teak, often referred to as the "king of wood," holds an esteemed position as the premier choice for crafting exquisite, natural outdoor furniture. Its rarity, akin to a "national treasure" in countries like Myanmar and Indonesia, is lauded with a reverence that echoes an old European saying comparing its value to gold. 

Valley Outdoor Recycled Teak Dining Table, Bench, and Armenia White Wicker Dining Chairs showcased in a bright outdoor dining area. Rustic wooden furniture, white dishes, and a central plant create a clean ambiance, complemented by natural light.
Valley Outdoor Recycled Teak Dining Set paired with Armenia Outdoor Wicker Chairs is a fusion of rustic elegance and modern comfort.
Ottawa II Outdoor Teak Daybed features a modern design with charcoal cushions, accented by light grey and patterned throw pillows, and a cozy beige blanket. Set against a green wall and large leafy plant, creating a tranquil outdoor ambiance.
Ottawa II Outdoor Teak Daybed is where sleek design meets the timeless appeal of teak wood.

Characteristics and Benefits of Teak Furniture 

Thanks to the rise of Scandinavian or Nordic-style interior design, more people have grown fond of light-coloured timber for their indoor space. But homeowners also use teak outdoor furniture for aesthetic uniformity – and its other highly-sought advantages. 

But what are the benefits of having teak outdoor furniture?




Natural Beauty 

Teak outdoor furniture exhibits a natural and timeless beauty, characterised by its rich golden-brown hue and unique grain patterns. 

The innate aesthetic appeal of teak is derived from its natural oils and tight grain, creating an elegant and warm ambience in any setting. 

Weather & Moisture Resistance

Teak is renowned for its exceptional weather resistance, with the ability to withstand various climatic conditions without compromising its structural integrity. 

The high oil content in teak wood acts as a natural barrier against moisture, preventing warping, cracking, and decay. This weather-resistant quality makes teak furniture ideal for outdoor use, ensuring longevity and durability. 


Teak outdoor furniture is celebrated for its longevity, often lasting for decades without significant wear or degradation. 

The inherent durability of teak is attributed to its dense grain structure and natural oils, providing resistance against insects, fungi, and general wear. This longevity makes teak a cost-effective investment for those seeking enduring furniture. 

Low Maintenance

Teak outdoor furniture requires minimal maintenance due to its natural oils that protect against pests, mould, and mildew. 

The low-maintenance nature of teak is a result of its self-sustaining properties, reducing the need for regular cleaning or protective treatments. This characteristic makes teak an attractive option for those seeking hassle-free outdoor furniture. 

Sustainable Sourcing

Teak is often harvested from sustainable plantations, promoting responsible and eco-friendly practices in the furniture industry. 

The cultivation of teak in managed plantations ensures a steady supply without contributing to deforestation. This sustainable sourcing aligns with environmental conservation efforts, making teak furniture an ethical choice for environmentally conscious consumers. 

Timeless Elegance 

Teak outdoor furniture exudes a timeless elegance, fitting seamlessly into various design styles and aesthetics. 

The enduring appeal of teak transcends trends, making it a versatile choice for both contemporary and traditional settings. Its timeless elegance adds a touch of sophistication to outdoor spaces, creating a cohesive and stylish environment. 

Resistance to Decay 

Teak's natural resistance to decay and deterioration sets it apart, making it suitable for prolonged exposure to sun, rain, snow,  

The high levels of natural oils in teak inhibit decay-causing organisms, ensuring the wood remains structurally sound even in challenging outdoor environments. This resistance to decay contributes to the overall robustness and reliability of teak furniture. 


Here are some other interesting facts:


An article by escapeartist.com states that teak outdoor furniture can last for 70 years or longer. One of the reasons is due to the teak’s closely packed grains. Moreover, the natural oils of teak repel pests that can damage the timber. 

However, just because teak is durable, it doesn’t mean it's stiff – as wood stiffness can easily damage timber. 


Ever had a table warp after placing a potted plant on its surface? It’s probably because the material is made of inflexible wood – or softwood. However, teak is hardwood – yet – is flexible enough to not warp from the weight or stress placed on it. 

This is why teak is highly preferred as a timber outdoor furniture material. Combined with humidity and weather, sitting on or using outdoor furniture makes the furniture pieces susceptible to wear and tear quickly. 

However, even if the teak is in its end stage, it doesn’t mean it belongs in the dumpster. 


Deforestation has long been a global concern. Hence, people steering from buying wooden furniture pieces. Fortunately, some types of wood can be reclaimed – teak is one of them. 

Instead of chopping down more trees to make teak outdoor furniture, many carpenters and furniture makers recycle used teak to create new furniture pieces. Furthermore, since teak can last for generations, there’s less likely the need to buy new furniture. 

Finding genuine teak, however, can be challenging for those unfamiliar with timber and teak’s physical properties. 

Carmel Outdoor Recycled Teak Dining Table in White showcased in an indoor setting, with a natural finish, paired with modern white chairs with grey seat cushions and teak arms. A central cut-out holds decorative green plants, adding a unique touch.
Carmel Outdoor Recycled Teak Dining Table— a sustainable blend of industrial and organic design for a striking statement piece.
Bunbury Outdoor Recycled Teak Dining Table close-up, revealing a smooth, warm-toned wooden surface with natural grain. The sturdy construction and quality craftsmanship are emphasised from a side angle, set against a soft, textured grey background.
Bunbury Recycled Teak Dining Table features the warmth and distinctive character of reclaimed wood.

Identifying Real Teak 

Besides the luxurious feel and relatively heavy weight of teak, there are other ways to identify genuine teak. 

Some physical properties of teak include: 


Assuming the timber isn’t varnished or tinted, teak colours usually range from light to dark brown. However, raw teak is usually neutral to warm-toned honey-brown. 

Moreover, teak has a distinct scent. 


As stated, teak is high in natural oils. Therefore, it emits a unique fragrance. Many say it smells similar to leather. 

But it’s also possible to identify teak when looked at up close. 


It’s easy to tell genuine teak as it has minimal space between its grains. Furthermore, the grain patterns on teak are usually straight. In some instances, teak can have wavy patterns.   

*For more information and better visualisation of wood grain patterns, check out this article by the Wood Magazine. 

Found the perfect teak furniture pieces yet? If so, time to pamper it – so it lasts for several years. 

How Remarkable Outdoor Living Source Their Teak Furniture 

Our outdoor furniture is more than just an aesthetic choice; it's a conscious decision to support the planet. We pride ourselves on sourcing teak sustainably and harvesting responsibly. For pieces that don't demand extensive wood, we exclusively use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified teak wood or legal wood sourced from Indonesia, notably from PT Perhutani. 

The Forest Stewardship Council, a non-profit organisation, lays down stringent standards for responsible forest management. Unlike simply boycotting wood products, the FSC aims to create a positive impact on the planet, biodiversity, and the economies linked to forests. We're not just crafting furniture; we're crafting a sustainable future. 

A top-down view of the White Hannover Outdoor Aluminum Modular Lounge with light grey cushions- a modern setup with a side table, adorned with a woven straw hat, small potted plant, and white jar. Effortlessly exudes a relaxed, summery outdoor vibe.
The Hannover 6 Seater Outdoor Lounge blends modern design with a teak tabletop for a chic look.

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Maintaining Teak Furniture to Preserve Its Quality 

Just because teak is long-lasting and durable, that doesn’t mean it requires no maintenance. However, maintaining teak is easy. Simply make sure to regularly do the following: 

Teak Outdoor Furniture Care Instructions Infographic - Tips for Maintenance and Longevity
Our infographic provides easy-to-follow care instructions for preserving the beauty and functionality of your teak outdoor furniture pieces.

1. Remove Dust 

Unvarnished wood is typically porous. Therefore, it easily collects dust. For household safety, dust teak furniture to prevent allergies – or potential HVAC damage. 

While this step may lean toward the benefit of the household members and their health, dull and unkept teak outdoor furniture decreases its aesthetic appeal. Moreover, dusty furniture makes it difficult to polish or varnish them. Or worse, sealing them – as sealing dusty teak locks in the dirt, grime, and moulds. 

However, dust isn’t the only thing to avoid. 

2. Avoid Getting Teak Outdoor Furniture Pieces Wet 

Teak is naturally moisture resistant. But as far as raw timber goes, none of them are waterproof. That said, as soon as that cup of coffee spills on the teak table, wipe it – before the liquid seeps into the wood. Not only does moisture make woods swell, but it can also make timber flimsy. 

But if the teak furniture already got wet and is swelling, try removing the swollen part. 

3. Sand – If Needed 

If the teak furniture piece is damaged by water or moisture, do the following: 

  • Wait for the wood to fully dry. Or, 
  • Use a hair dryer set to cold to medium heat to aid in the drying process. 
  • Sand the water-damaged area. 

When sanding, try to do it in the direction along its grains – never against it, as doing that can damage the teak’s structural integrity. Think of it as breaking up each fibre of a rope. 

Use coarse grit sandpaper to get rid of the swollen area. Afterwards, switch to a finer grit to prevent splinters. 

*Make sure to wear protective gear when sanding. Wear gloves, goggles, and a mask. 

However, sanding the water-damaged area also strips off the teak’s sealant and natural oils. To restore its polished state, apply wood-friendly oil. Better yet, use beeswax to ensure the polish is non-toxic. 

Once the teak’s moisture is restored, the last step is to lock in that moisture. 

4. Apply Oil Sealer 

As naturally abundant in oil as teak is, regular cleaning can strip it off. To minimise the frequency of oil application, seal the present oil in the furniture pieces by applying sealant to it. But before applying, make sure to follow the steps above. 

Once teak furniture is free from dust and water damage, leave it out in the sun for a few weeks, ensuring it’s free from moisture and the grains open up – to allow the teak to absorb more furniture sealer. 

Afterwards, apply a thin and even layer of sealant. 

Keep in mind that furniture sealants need to be applied annually or depending on furniture use. If people use it more often, then wear and tear may come quicker. Furthermore, extreme and harsh weather conditions can contribute to its quicker depletion. 


These maintenance steps apply to most – if not, all – timber furniture. Even more so when they’re placed outdoors. 

On the flip side, compared to other timber materials, teak is relatively low maintenance as its properties, by default, are already what many homeowners seek in furniture. 


Furniture material matters. When delving into the world of timber, one stands out – teak. It’s classy, durable, sustainable, and low maintenance. 

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  1. Why is teak the best choice for outdoor furniture?

    Teak is considered one of the best choices for outdoor furniture due to its unmatched durability, stunning natural aesthetics, and exceptional weather resistance. Its natural oils make it resistant to rot, decay, and insects, ensuring that it can withstand various climatic conditions.

  2. How can I verify the authenticity of teak in outdoor furniture?

    To verify genuine teak, look for its distinct colour, which ranges from golden to medium brown, and its tight, straight grain pattern. Authentic teak also has a natural oil scent reminiscent of leather. These characteristics, combined with its relatively heavy weight, help differentiate it from other woods.

  3. Is teak outdoor furniture sustainable?

    Yes, teak outdoor furniture can be sustainable, especially when sourced from responsibly managed plantations like we do. These sustainable practices ensure a steady supply of teak without contributing to deforestation, making your choice of teak furniture both eco-friendly and socially responsible.

  4. What care does teak outdoor furniture require?

    Teak furniture requires minimal maintenance due to its natural durability and oil content. To maintain its beauty and longevity, periodically clean it with mild soap and water, avoid leaving it wet for prolonged periods, and consider applying a teak protector or sealer every few years to preserve its natural colour.

  5. What sets teak apart in outdoor furnishings?

    Teak sets itself apart with its timeless elegance, ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, and low maintenance needs. Its natural oils provide inherent resistance to moisture, decay, and pests, making it an ideal material for luxurious and long-lasting outdoor furniture. Additionally, teak's classic look and feel make it a versatile choice for any outdoor setting, from modern to traditional.

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