Decorating Ideas For Outdoor Christmas Entertaining

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Christmas in Melbourne is forecasted to be sunny and warm this year – fingers crossed. If all goes to plan, many gatherings will be taking place in the outdoor spaces that have undoubtedly had so much love and thought put into them throughout the year. It’s a time to wind down, celebrate, and spend quality time with loved ones with December and January being the one time of the year the majority of us get to slow down and switch off.

So, if you’re planning on entertaining at Christmas this year, why not put some basic finishing touches on your outdoor space to make it extra special?

Whatever your outdoor theme is, we’ve put together some simple, achievable tips to make your outdoor space extra festive this Christmas.

Up Your Lighting and Lantern Game

Fairy lights have become increasingly popular in recent years, meaning there are some good finds out there that are extremely affordable. Consider draping them along trees, plants, posts and awnings, and for areas that aren’t covered, solar powered variations are a safe, and eco-friendly solution.

For that extra magic, lanterns and tea lights can really transform a space and are worth the effort for a special occasion like Christmas. LED lanterns are fantastic for housing Christmas décor, such as fairy light bundles, nativity sets, and other treasured trinkets that are sure to set a beautiful scene in your outdoor space.

Bluetooth Christmas Carols

Our Luna Bluetooth Speaker Light both an outdoor lighting and sound solution and is suitable for pairing with any Bluetooth device. The Luna is fully chargeable with up to 80 hours of standby time – perfect for playing your favourite carols in your outdoor space.

Make Your Outdoor Umbrellas Festive

If you have an outdoor umbrella, consider this an excellent prop for decorating with Christmas lights and tinsel. Furthermore, the Luna Bluetooth Speaker Light is built with outdoor umbrella compatibility in mind so you can have both a decorated and additionally functioning umbrella for the occasion.

Ladders and Lattice Are Great For Draping

This tip speaks for itself, with ladders and lattice being perfect for draping ornaments, tinsel and lighting from. There are some great, affordable bamboo ladders on the market, and they can be used as lightweight and mobile towel racks or interior décor after the Christmas Season.

DIY Tableware and Centrepieces

Investing in all new Christmas-themed tableware is completely optional when you can do-it-yourself. There are many ways to work with what you already own. Pinterest offers some great ideas, and often these can be worked around traditional Christmas decorations. For example, using twine to attach Christmas ornaments to jars and vases are an easy way to inject festive magic into the table setting and won’t cost you the earth. Homemade or bought flower arrangements can also be adapted to include Christmas ornaments and are great for tying in or complementing colour themes.

A Neutral Colour Palette Can Work

On the subject of colour themes, styling your outdoor area for Christmas doesn’t necessarily have to equate to typical greens and reds. A neutral colour palette can most definitely work, particularly if your décor is more earthy, beachy or boho. Aqua and taupe hues work well together and they align well with whites and creams. Brasses and rose golds can also add beautifully contrasting textures to your setting if you’re looking to veer away from the more traditional Christmas colours.

Firepits Make Excellent Ice Coolers and BBQ Grills

Not only do Fire Pits make a great focal point for gatherings, but in the warmer months, they serve as ice coolers or a BBQ grill. Our Fire Pits are available in a range of styles, with merbau and teak table options also available.

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