How to Create an Outdoor Dining Area?

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Creating the outdoor setting of your dreams really isn’t as hard as it looks. It’s all about making choices that reflect and compliment the surroundings of your area, choosing pieces that have a harmonious and tantamount relationship, and of course, is something that brings you happiness and joy. Choosing an outdoor dining setting is easy when you are given the steps needed to inform your decision making, which is why choosing Remarkable Outdoor Living is a great start to your journey. RMKB has an extensive range of outdoor tables and chairs that complement a wide variety of situations, houses, landscapes, and of course, personal tastes.


Okay, Where Do We Start Creating Our Outdoor Dining Area?

Before we even begin looking at furniture, we have to first look at our home and our space. It’s not a bad idea to ask yourself “what am I trying to achieve?” The space in which our furniture goes has a bigger impact than you might initially think, as choosing a dining set that is complementary to the surrounding area (even including what can be seen in the background) is paramount to creating a balanced, lively and suitable atmosphere. We may see these things every day, but never really truly acknowledge and appreciate them without a reason. This is what we will use to inspire us to create an elegant, functional, fantastic, and fabulous outdoor dining area.

Where is Your Outdoor Dining Space?

That seems like a silly thing to ask yourself, but you will be surprised how this small detail can become overlooked so easily.

  • Where is your space/house located?
  • What does your background look like?
  • Do you have a view?
  • What is around you?

This is the first thing you must think about before you choose the dining setting of your dreams.

  • Do you live in the city in a Highrise apartment?
  • Are you surrounded by countless skyscrapers?
  • Are your railings painted grey and made from steel & glass?
  • Perhaps you live in the suburbs?
  • Is your deck Merbau or Pine?
  • Is your backyard intermingled with your space or separated completely?
  • Or do you live in the country?
  • What colour tiles are on your courtyard?
  • How many hills stretch across the landscape?

Making sure your dining setting compliments these aspects of your space is particularly important, because if your dining setting does not flow easily with what is going on in its surrounds, then you run the risk of it being lost completely in the space.

What is an Outdoor Dining Setting?

Well, it usually involves a dining table, dining chairs, benches, or a combination of all 3. A dining setting is where families, friends, and loved ones gather to reminisce over old times, catch up, laugh, dine, drink, and more, and making sure your dining setting not only meets your needs practically but also aesthetically, is quite important. If you want to know more about choosing the right sized dining table for your space, click here

Firstly, let’s focus on Outdoor Dining Tables

There are many styles of dining tables available, and now that you have an idea of what your space needs, it is time to search for the perfect table that will become an accent feature. For starters, say you live in the city. Whilst your apartment most likely only has a small balcony, there is still lots that an appropriate dining table can do your space. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think “City?” Urban Jungle, Concrete, Industrial, Monochrome, just to name a few. With these characteristics in mind, you might opt to go for a concrete table, as this fits with the aesthetic of a bustling & busy city. A concrete table would complement your balcony, and flow harmoniously with its backgrounds as well. It would stand out on your balcony as an exquisite feature, but still not seem out of place if someone from another Highrise were to glance onto your balcony.


A Zen Outdoor Dining Setting showcasing a rectangular concrete table and two matching benches, positioned on a pale tiled patio and bathed in soft sunlight. It is bordered by lush green grass on one side and a view of a glass door that leads into a home, hinting at an indoor-outdoor living space.
Zen Outdoor Dining Setting with a sleek concrete table and benches on a sunlit patio.


How about if you live in the suburbs? You might decide to go for a Reclaimed Teak Table to compliment your newly built deck, as this natural wood element would tie in with your backyard garden as well. Even if you live in the country, your courtyard could benefit from a Travertine Table. When you start acknowledging your surroundings, it will be easier for you to choose a dining table that will best suit your space. If you need additional help though, you can always ask a trusted, experienced, and knowledgeable sales consultant at Remarkable Outdoor Living.


Chicago Outdoor Recycled Teak Extension Dining Table with a slatted wood top and a foldable extension, set on an aluminum charcoal frame with white background.
The Chicago Outdoor Dining Table, crafted from recycled teak with a slatted top, features a foldable extension for versatile use.


Next is Outdoor Dining Chairs

Much like your table, your dining chairs must match with your surroundings, while also having an obvious relationship with the dining table itself. There are many styles of chairs available (especially at RMKB) but not every chair goes well with every table, so it is important to choose dining chairs that compliment your dining table. By assessing the surrounding area and space itself, while also considering the Dining Table you have chosen, you can choose an appropriate Dining Chair.

For example, earlier we talked about the concrete table for a city apartment. Some Dining Chairs that would go great with a concrete table, for example, would be the Trill or Net chairs from Italian Furniture Manufacturer NARDI. These chairs have a modern, sleek, and contemporary design that suits the atmosphere and environment perfectly, especially when paired with another stylish piece like the ZEN Round Table. Available in a huge array of colors, these chairs are suitable if you are looking for a fresh, new & unique Dining Setting.

How about that Reclaimed Teak Table we were talking about? A comfortable High Back Wicker Dining Chair like our Darwin, Trento, or Beaver would suit perfectly with our Polly or Valley table, as they complement each other by incorporating more earthy tones and textures into your space And of course, if you live in the country and insisted on a Travertine Dining Table, some chairs that would highly suit this kind of table would be our Balwyn or Nassau chairs, as they would enrich your dining area by providing a familiar, relaxed & homely atmosphere.


Zen Round Table Monsoon Chair Outdoor Dining Setting featuring wicker chairs with plush cushions and a round, white dining table set with plates and cutlery. The setting is in a sunlit area casting soft shadows.
The Zen Round Table Monsoon Chair Outdoor Dining Setting offers an inviting atmosphere for al fresco dining.


Now that you have the dining setting of your dreams, it is time to add the finishing touches. Trends, styles & designs are always changing, but you can still have your dining setting for years to come if you are willing to get creative with textiles, placemats, and centrepieces. These finishing touches are like the cherry on top of a cake. Having a few different coloured accessories on hand is the best approach to ensuring your setting stays timeless, as it is always easier to swap out décor than furniture! RMKB has a great range of scatter cushions, centrepieces and placemats available to complement any dining setting you choose.


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