How to Style Outdoor Area?

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The key to finding your design style lies in the perfect outdoor dining setting as your foundation and centre! If you have just built your forever home or moved into a new one, finding your design style is important to narrow in on before you start buying furniture, as you can often end up with ill-equipped outdoor furniture that doesnt fit with your outdoor area or meet your needs in creating a welcoming outdoor space that you and your guests will love using.


Whether you have the perfect outdoor dining set in mind already or have had a look at Pinterest for inspiration. Outdoor dining sets and tables are an investment into the heart of your area. They are the focus to your outdoor space and where you and your guest will gravitate towards. When choosing the perfect outdoor table style, assess your needs by asking yourself the following questions: How will I use this space? As a place to sip my morning coffee? Maybe a place to share a drink or meal with friends and family?

Depending on your outdoor area there are options to add a table to suit all of these needs!

Small or confined area: Outdoor benches are the coffee tables outdoor cousin! Outdoor benches create a perfect centre for other outdoor furniture, pair with outdoor rugs for a picnicexperience or with outdoor seating to create a social elevated outdoor space.

Medium to larger areas: Choosing a dining table that reflects your homes specific style, your outdoor dining set should be specific to your uses and needs for it. For example, having an extension outdoor table is great for big events like Christmas or Birthdays to seat everyone communally and comfortably. You could also create a space with layers and texture, using outdoor tables of different heights and shapes for a cocktail evening or casual outdoor dining.


Scandi, Industrialist, Cottage Chic the list goes on for fancy names of design styles. When considering your own unique style, looking at the furniture within your home is a good guide to use as inspiration. What furniture do you currently have that you love? What are the textures/materials of it? Will this piece last or will I need to replace it?

Investing in quality outdoor furniture materials will ensure your space looks and feels inviting for a lifetime. Youll want to consider both senses (look & feel) when purchasing the right materials, If your working with budget constraints as well, here are some basic tips to suit any options:

  • Solid timbers such as teak are exceptionally strong durable with high rubber and oil content, leave teak extremely resistant to weather and moisture.
  • Aluminium metals that are powder coated tend to be durable and sturdy, with darker palettes they tend to match any design style.
  • Rattan wicker outdoor furniture, these weaved outdoor tables are traditionally topped with safety glass for an even surface and provide a great lightweight option to tailor your space as needed.

Finding your style often can be narrowed down by taking time to consider your lifestyle, how you will use the space and the size you have to work in. Then you can pick the perfect foundation table to create a welcoming and inviting outdoor area you and your guests will absolutely love!

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