Interior Designer's Top 5 Picks for Poolside Furniture Styling - Part 1

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Get An Expensive European Look Around Your Pool

Are you on the lookout for some top-notch, quality, and stylish outdoor furniture with a touch of European flair? This article aims to assist you with finding the perfect Outdoor Furniture for your very own European-inspired poolside so you can get an expensive look around my pool. Let us dive into the refreshing waters of this emerging aesthetic, where the furniture not only elevates your outdoor vibe but transforms your poolside into a bona fide retreat.  

Nature, sunshine, and water. The Aussie poolside is a fixture in many of our homes. It's where we kick back, have a few games, cool off, and just soak in the good vibes. Truly, it's the essence of the Australian Dream.  

The Trend of European Poolside Furniture Blend Comfort, Tradition, and Style

The trend of European Style Poolside Furniture is making its mark in Australia, and it’s more than just a simple style upgrade; it's a reflection of our ever-evolving outdoor living culture. Australians are not just making poolside areas; we are adopting experiences, acknowledging trends, and turning our outdoor spaces into retreats that embody the comfort and elegance of modern European living. As this trend continues to grow, the allure of European-inspired poolside furniture is here to stay, offering us Aussies a ticket to a daily dose of luxury in our very own backyards.  

Now, for those of you who either aren’t familiar with this trend or have only heard a whisper or two about it at a weekend pool party, allow me to explain it to you here.  

When delving into the European Style, I’m not specifically tying it down to any region of Europe. Rather, it's more of a collective vibe that many Europeans resonate with. It's deeply rooted in their past and present traditions as well as social practices. Many of which us Aussies share, appreciate, and resonate with. Pair that with functional furniture to tie the whole experience together, and you’ve got the European Poolside Style. It's a harmonious blend that exudes a high-quality atmosphere. From the weather, to family, and our love of the best outdoor furniture. It’s a no-brainer why we are grabbing onto this new trend with everything we’ve got. 

Venn diagram depicting the intersection of European Style, collective vibes from traditions, and social practices as the current trend.

What Are The European Design Styles

To make things a little easier, I’ve made a short and sweet comparison table below: 

ūüí°If the table is wider than the page. Scroll to the right to see the whole table.
Outdoor European Styles Explained
Popular Aesthetic Predominant Location Defining Style Remarkable Examples
Mediterranean Influence¬† Found in the sun-soaked realms of Southern Europe ‚Äď think Spain, Italy, Greece, and the like. This style is all about celebrating earthy tones, rustic vibes, and the seamless blend of the indoors and outdoors.¬†
Modern Elegance  Spanning across Europe, from Germany and the Netherlands to Scandinavia. Devoted to sleek lines, minimalistic and contemporary design, quality materials, neutral palettes, and a keen focus on duality and functionality.
Timeless Classicism  Taking inspiration from historical treasures found in Rome, Paris, and Vienna.  This style draws inspiration from classical patterns, intricate detailing, and vintage-inspired furniture that stands the test of time. 
Coastal Retreats¬† Embraced in the coastal havens of the Amalfi Coast and Algarve.¬† Nautical elements, blue and white colour schemes, weathered wood furniture ‚Äď it all comes together to create a relaxed and breezy atmosphere.¬†
Scandinavian Simplicity  Harkening from the Northern European realms, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.  It's all about simplicity, functionality, a deep connection to nature, light-coloured wood, clean lines, and a serene, uncluttered space.
Countryside Charm¬† Nestled in the inland regions across various European countries.¬† Traditional designs with a rustic colour palette ‚Äďbringing the charm of the countryside right to you.¬†

Daybeds: Stylish Comfort for your Mediterranean Retreat 

Colors & Material for Outdoor Mediterranean Style

Daybeds are a simple yet effective way to make the most out of your space when relaxing poolside. Large and spacious daybeds that maximise gatherings and relaxation are a key element in the Mediterranean Aesthetic. Strong ties to the outdoors should be reflected in the pool furniture you choose and be sure to lean into those earthy tones that reflect our passion for nature. A refined colour palette never goes astray; aim for lush-greens, rust-reds, browns, and charcoals. Embrace natural elements too, like teak, wicker, and concrete. Mediterranean inspired furniture is inherently robust and is often resilient to the elements.


The image presents a color palette with four swatches: deep warm brown (#6D4231), rich olive green (#50633F), charcoals (#302E2F), and rust-reds (#9D3D20), set against a backdrop of Mediterranean-inspired textures.A Colour Palette Inspired by Mediterranean Aesthetic, source:

Ottawa Daybed - Designed with Mediterranean Style in Mind

The Ottawa daybed is a shining example of the kind of furniture that suits a Mediterranean Aesthetic - the colour ways are simply perfect. A centrepiece, the pairing of natural teak with bold charcoal cushions makes an undeniable statement. The materials too, are exactly what is needed for the poolside. A-Grade, oil-rich teak, and Sunproof Branded olefin fabric means that this daybed will not only last for years to come but will continue to provide that Authentic Mediterranean feeling.  


The image depicts a tranquil patio setting, showcasing an Ottawa Teak Daybed with comfortable cushions and a Zen Concrete Round Stool serving as a side table, all complementing a Mediterranean aesthetic.
Ottawa Teak Daybed paired with a Zen Concrete Round Stool as a table, embodying a Mediterranean aesthetic on a tranquil patio.

Your Final Mediterranean Style Design Blueprint

Get inspired by this Poolside Style and immerse yourself in nature, by integrating finishing touches, like large terracotta pots filled to the brim with rich-green foliage, mosaic tiles that encapsulate that Mediterranean feel, and accessorise with complimentary scatter cushions. These elements really come together when styling poolside furniture, and it all helps create the perfect Mediterranean Retreat. 

A luxurious Mediterranean poolside retreat with lush plants in terracotta pots, wooden furniture with natural-toned cushions, and intricate mosaic tiling, all set under dappled sunlight for a serene atmosphere.
Mediterranean-style poolside retreat with plush seating, terracotta planters, and mosaic tiles.

Cushions: Modern Elegance Enriched by Instant Accents 

Small Item, Big Impact

Scatter or ‚Äėthrow‚Äô cushions mean exactly that - they are intended to be placed in random ways on outdoor settings to create depth and add texture. Cost effective and versatile, they can be placed randomly on any poolside sunbed, lounge, or chair to add immediate luxe appeal. Prominent shades of whites, greys and beiges are the defining colours for this Aesthetic ‚Äď neutrality and minimalism are key factors. Integrating small bursts of colour, however, creates intrigue and anchors your standout colour palette.¬†¬†

A dynamic GIF displays an array of vibrant throw cushions with various colors and designs being arranged on a pristine White Nardi Doga Armchair.

Spot Cushion - Suitable for a Modern, Curvilinear Style 

The Spot Cushion boasts neutrality, uniformity, and simplicity with a singular pop of colour that is essential for a Modern Elegance Aesthetic. Not only is the design contemporary, the spots in both citron and grey are created using a raised stich technique, that adds important visual and tactile appeal. Best utilised on settings that already have similar tones present, or to accentuate elements in your surroundings.  

The image shows a color palette with mustard yellow, light grey, and white, alongside a patterned section with grey and yellow spots for an outdoor scatter cushion.
Colour Palette for Spot Outdoor Scatter Cushion

Leaf Cushion - Suitable for a Greenery, Organic Style 

The Leaf Cushion takes a fresh design approach to Modern Elegance and highlights a sleek interpretation of nature and foliage. In this example, the primary tones are green with linen-coloured fine detailing. Once again, this design is achieved with a raised stich technique. Best suited for a simple sofa or sun lounger, this cushion adds complexity and intensity to the space, and shines brightest when it is the focal colour. Upholstered in Olefin Fabric, these scatter cushion offer exceptional comfort and durability.  

The image shows a colour palette for a Leaf Outdoor Scatter Cushion, with a top section displaying a leafy pattern in shades of green and white, and a bottom section featuring three solid color swatches in olive green, pale blue-green, and white.
Colour Palette for Leaf Outdoor Scatter Cushion

Sun Loungers and Umbrellas. The Ultimate Coastal Chic 

Umbrella vs Costal Vibe

Pool Furniture comes in many styles, shapes, and sizes, and there are a lot of interesting ways to elevate your space with some Costal flair. For a Costal vibe, try aiming for clean, crisp, and fresh colours with matching accents. Pure white is the cornerstone for this aesthetic, as it is not only the easiest palette to begin with, but it is also reminiscent of the white sand beaches of the Amalfi Coast that we draw inspiration from. It’s also a great idea to mix in some navy-blue hues as well, whether it be from some scatter cushions or a centre post umbrella. It’s a classic example of the sand meeting the sea.  

It is important to have access to valuable shade when enjoying the sun, and optimising function and colour together in a single piece, such as an umbrella, is a terrific way to achieve a Costal look. Not only does an Umbrella frame a setting by adding height, but it also inherently creates a soothing and relaxing ambience. Think Nautical with your colour palette, and celebrate the natural elements found at beaches across the European coastline.  

Sun Loungers are the perfect additional to any poolside. Whether placed on a deck, or situated underneath an umbrella, they are the at the forefront of outdoor luxury. To replicate a Coastal Chic Aesthetic, it is ideal to opt for either a timber-finish or pure white aluminium. If you decide on wood, ensure that it is well maintained, but allow the timber to weather gracefully over the years. The sun will transform your sun lounger into a timeless piece that exudes all that is loved about coastal living. If you decide on aluminium, ensure you choose pure white, as it will allow you to focus on your nautical colour palette when using accessories, like umbrellas and bolster cushions.    


Our Customer Story - Lina Rooftop Bar in Brisbane 

Our friends at Lina Roof Top bar hit the nail on the head with this Aesthetic and upgraded their entire poolside with our Verona Sun Loungers. They were more than just successful with their choices; they excelled in bringing the Coastal Vibe to their space. If we take a moment to assess their space, we can see exactly how this can be replicated at any poolside. The standout is the Verona Sun Lounger, not only because of its design, but it’s elegant simplicity. As mentioned previously, starting with a pure-white base is the easiest way to make Nautical Colours become the feature. Take a look at Lina’s surrounds. What do you see? Instantly, your eyes are greeted with teal cushions in the background, the navy and white striped umbrellas overhead, and the glistening blue water beneath.

A relaxed social scene at Lina Rooftop Bar with guests lounging on white Verona sun loungers by a pool, conversing and enjoying the sunny ambiance.
Guests at Lina Roof Top bar relaxing on white Verona sun loungers by the pool.

It was a pleasure working with Lina to provide them with their feature sun loungers, and they really proved that you don’t need to be anywhere near Europe, to get the European-Look.  

As we continue to embrace this evolving trend, stay tuned for Part 2 of Our Top 5 Picks for Poolside Styling, where we'll delve into more inspiring styles and furniture choices to further enhance your outdoor oasis. The journey to creating your European-inspired poolside haven is just beginning, and we're excited to guide you through the next set of remarkable picks. Get ready to take your poolside experience to new heights of luxury and sophistication!


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