Interior Designer's Top 5 Picks for Poolside Furniture Styling - Part 2

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Welcome back to the continuation of our exploration into the world of European-inspired poolside furniture styling. In Part 1, we embarked on a journey through various European design styles, from the sun-soaked realms of the Mediterranean to the rustic charm of countryside Europe. We delved into the nuances of each aesthetic, exploring the materials, colors, and elements that define them. Now, in Part 2, we're ready to uncover more inspiring styles and furniture choices to further elevate your outdoor oasis.

Charming Country

Coffee Table Classics

The modest coffee table has been a staple of poolside living since the invention of the pool itself. The Countryside Charm is nestled in between classic styles and versatile design. Traditional elements brought into the 21st century really highlight why this Aesthetic has become so popular. Wicker, Teak, and even Concrete, are some of the exciting materials people are using to really bring a little bit of countryside Europe to their own homes. This aesthetic boasts a rustic colour palette that reflects the beautiful landscapes and ornate architecture found all over inland regions of Europe. Natural Teak, Robust Concrete and Timeless Terrazzo; surround your favourite coffee tables with a smart mix of daybeds, sun loungers and leisure chairs, to really capture the effortless nature of Countryside Charm. These coffee tables pair well with flexible side tables that double up as stools for impromptu seating. Take our Montreal Stool for example. You can use this most of the time as a side table to display freshly cut flowers or a feature vase, and then use a stool when you need to seat extra guests. 

Montreal Outdoor Terrazzo Round Side Table, measuring 36 cm in height, featuring a white and grey speckled design with an hourglass shape.
Montreal Terrazzo Side Table

However, should you require further flexibility with the furniture, the Spritz convertible dining/coffee table in white would be highly recommended. The Spritz table can be used primarily as a coffee table, and should additional tables be needed for light meals and drinks, then the table can be converted into a standard dining height table. 

Nardi Spritz Resin Dining Table is a sleek white table with a smooth round top and a central pedestal base that splits into a stable, tripod-like formation at the bottom.
The Nardi Spritz Outdoor Resin Round Dining Table

Simplistic Scandinavian

Space Saving Bar Tables

By this point, I’m sure you will agree that there are many assorted styles of European inspired poolside retreats possible. But Sun Loungers and Daybeds aren’t the only way to achieve an authentic European Look. The Scandinavian Style, for instance, ditches the fuss and embraces minimalist design, sleek lines, and, above all, a fondness for light-coloured palettes. When it comes to materials, wood takes the crown, blending seamlessly with the great outdoors. Mixing natural elements with contrasting chair choices can elevate the look to the next level. The blending of varied materials, colours and finishes too, can refine that authentic Scandinavian Style. The Doga Bar Stool is a versatile collection that comes in a trendy array of colours, suitable for any existing colour palette. Try the agave or anthracite colour – the mix of reclaimed teak and precision-made resin is a unique yet stylish combination.  

Nardi Doga Outdoor Resin Bar Stool in Agave with slatted backrest and seat, and a footrest.
Nardi Doga Bar Stool in Agave

Italian Sophistication

Transforming Poolside Spaces with Durability and Style

Resin has become an on-trend and popular choice for poolside living, as it is robust enough for full exposure to the elements – which is important to consider. With little maintenance, great colour fastness and long-term appeal, Nardi is becoming Australia’s favourite for outdoor furniture.  Nardi furniture is made and imported directly from Italy, so it is only fitting that we mention them here.  

Having a bar table setting at your poolside is luxury at its finest, taking inspiration directly from the spacious and social atmosphere all too commonly practiced in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.  A beautiful bar setting encouraging communal interaction with friends and families embodies all the great characteristics of the Scandinavian lifestyle and is happily adopted across many Australian Backyards.     

Should you find yourself needing to fill one or two vacant areas, the Doga relax chair may be suitable. Two or three leisure chairs in a corner is a nice way to introduce another level to the overall architecture of your poolside. Having distinct heights forces intrigue and helps creates vignettes within an overall space. 

Nardi Doga Outdoor Resin Relax Chair in Agave with a matching table, adorned with a glass and book, set on a wooden balcony adorned with plants and overlooking the sea.
Nardi Doga Outdoor Resin Relax Chair in Agave with a matching table

Timeless Classicism and Greenery

The Cherry on Top

No pool is complete without beautiful plants and trees by its side. If it is your wish to invoke a true European poolside, then you have two ways to accomplish this. Either you incorporate European Native plants into your poolside for authenticity or use Australian Natives to accentuate your preferred colour palette. 

For example, Lavendar, which is found all throughout Europe, is also quite common in Australia. It is a cost effective, low maintenance plant, that thrives in any poolside. The Lavendar flower adds that all important pop of colour to your backyard, and it emits a soothing and pleasant aroma – not only providing a calming ambiance, but it also helps to keep mosquitoes away! Lavendar plants would be best suited for a European Countryside Aesthetic, as they are classic, elegant, and primarily, charming. By planting some of these around your pool, as well as potting them and placing them around your deck or patio, your space will be instantly elevated.  

Another fantastic European native to add to your landscaping is the Olive Tree. Whilst this plant takes its time to mature, it’s can easily become a focal point by your landscape. When contained to a large terracotta pot, the Olive Tree emanates all there is to love about the Mediterranean Aesthetic. Olive trees are evergreen, so they won't lose their leaves in the winter, and that means less leaf litter for you to worry about. Keep in mind, though, Olive Trees can grow quite large, so ensure they are not planted too close to your pool to avoid damage as the tree grows.  

You do not have to limit yourself to European natives however, when we have a plethora of beautiful, hardy, and vibrant Australian natives that can put the accent on your chosen European Style. A notable example is the Kangaroo Paw. Exhibiting a breathtaking palette of reds, oranges, pinks, browns and yellows, this plant will also fit perfectly into a Mediterranean Aesthetic. Utilising Australian Natives is also a fantastic way to make your poolside eco-sustainable, as it can encourage ground health and benefit important pollinators. It’s always best to reach out to your local Plant Nursery to see which Australian Native will best suit your space. For more information, read this informative article below.    

An aerial view of a person in a green shirt sweeping a pathway beside a bright blue swimming pool, with neatly landscaped grass and garden details around.
A person in green cleans a walkway adjacent to a pool

Well, that’s the end of my time. With this Guide to European Poolside Furniture, I hope that you’ll be able to turn your poolside into a spot that's got that European vibe. Add in a bit of Mediterranean, Coastal, or Countryside Charm to suit your own taste, and you’re all set! Create a space to be proud of, that mixes comfort, great looks, and a real connection to nature. And remember, Remarkable Outdoor Living has you covered for when you want to bring that European poolside style straight into your backyard. 


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