Outdoor Umbrellas: Practical Styling And Installation Tips

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In addition to providing shade, umbrellas are a wonderful styling addition to outdoor spaces. When installed with design in mind, they can be a fantastic way to pull together an area and make it more inviting and functional.

What To Consider


When deciding on positioning, consider the overall environment’s shapes and how you can juxtapose or contrast the umbrella. Will you opt for a classic centre post umbrella? Would wall mounted suit the space better? How does it work with other items of furniture, the garden, or overall landscape? Could the area effectively accommodate more than one umbrella?


Many people try and mirror the surrounding palette with an aligning or neutral umbrella hues, however, picking your shade can be a great opportunity to inject a pop of colour and either offset, tie in, or contrast against surrounding décor such as pots and seating.


At Remarkable Furniture, we stock concrete and granite bases, some of which can be used in conjunction with wheelbases for ease of movement. Our outdoor umbrellas have been designed with easy installation in mind, for a range of decks, paving and wall surfaces.

What Type Is Best For Your Space?


Cantilever umbrellas are ideal for shading targeted outdoor spaces, such as lounging and poolside areas. Because of their 360° rotation capability, they are a great solution for smaller, narrower spaces and can be inverted from horizontal to 60° which helps provide shade from the afternoon sun. Our cantilever umbrellas have been cleverly designed, allowing for easy installation into deck and paving areas.


Classic Centre Post

Available in timber and aluminium, our centre post umbrellas are fantastic options for cost-effectiveness as well as mobility with ease. Focusing on symmetry and convenience, they are available in multiple colours and sizes and offer industry high UV block out ratings. Ask us about our 45° tilt option. 

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted umbrellas are great for smaller areas, balconies, decks, and partitioned spaces. In particular, cross frames and tilts are ideal features for varying shading requirements at different times of the day.

Wall Mounted

‘Hot’ Tip

Be sure to opt for UV stabilisation, protective, fade and mould resistant canopies for a truly outdoor solution.


LED Umbrella Light

The LED Umbrella Light is a portable and cost-effective outdoor lighting option. With a battery life of up to sixty hours, the LED Umbrella Light features a simple 2-step clip-on mechanism, is lightweight, and ideal for entertaining.

Luna Bluetooth Speaker Light

The Luna Bluetooth Speaker Light is both a lighting and sound solution, designed with umbrella compatibility in mind. Suitable for pairing with any Bluetooth device, the Luna is fully chargeable with up to 80 hours of standby time.

Click here for our full range of umbrellas and accessories. Ask us about our wide range of colours and sizes to suit your needs.

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