The Best Furniture For a Small Outdoor Space

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As the humble backyard is becoming a rarity, with more apartment buildings popping up even in the suburbs, it’s no secret most of us are adjusting to smaller spaces. This doesn’t mean we aren’t still the nation that loves the outdoors and, in that spirit, whether you are in an apartment or small backyard there are plenty of ways to maximise your space with the right types of outdoor furniture and we’ve got you sorted to make the most out of your small space.

Before you get started purchasing the perfect outdoor furniture for an alfresco entertaining area, always measure the area you have to work in. Imagine falling in love with a 6-seater day bed full of luxury only to get it home and realise it doesn’t fit on your balcony. Keep the size and the layout in your mind at all times through the buying process to avoid disappointment, in the long run, to choose pieces that meet your needs while complementing your outdoor space.

The Spade Balcony Chair is the ideal product to fit in a balcony.

Creating a multipurpose small outdoor space is easier than you might think, start by asking yourself how you’ll use the space and be realistic about what you’ll be able to fit comfortably in it.

If you’re wanting to entertain or just enjoy meals in the sun, outdoor dining furniture for small spaces comes in many shapes and sizes. Choose an outdoor dining set of 2-3 chairs for larger balconies. Round outdoor tables offer dynamic shapes to square balconies. Opt for square or rectangular tables, outdoor benches, or storage boxes which are a neat multifunctional piece for small spaces that can easily turn into places for pot plants or moved to a corner when you need floor space for other activities.

It would be nice to sit on this Auto Chair and Apollo Table set and watch the sunset.

If you are more of a lounger than an upright chair look for 2–3-seater lounges or chaises paired with an outdoor bench that can act as a footrest, a table or extra seating if needed, accessories with lush greenery on either end or a few balconies potted plants creating a functional and inviting alfresco area you won’t want to get up from.

Outdoor umbrellas, vertical gardens, and hanging planters are a big trend for adding greenery and shade without compromising on floor space in a small outdoor area. If you’re living with a tiled balcony or patio, why not add an outdoor rug bringing the comfortable feel of the indoors to your outdoor area. Want the grounding to feel of grass between your toes, forget what you remember of waxy fake grass, artificial grasses have come a long way looking and feeling more authentic with modern styles coming in all different colors to bring a real garden feel to your small outdoor area.

When you don’t have a large area to work with it can be hard narrowing in on key items without compromising personality and personal style, small spaces don’t mean you can’t have an outdoor area. Always remember less is more and declutter donating that old dying plant to a friend and focus on designing your small space and choosing outdoor furniture around functionality and what you’ll use it for.




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