Turning Your Backyard into a Mother’s Day Celebration Haven

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Turning Your Backyard into a Mother’s Day Celebration Haven

Stay-at-home orders across the country make it difficult to give mum the kind of Mother’s Day celebration she deserves this year. While fancy brunch dates and reservations at the spa may have to wait, that doesn’t mean you need to forego a celebration altogether.

Taking advantage of your own outdoor spaces at home to commemorate the occasion can make it feel like you’re getting out of the house, while still barely getting out of the house.

Patio Dining for Two

So you can’t sit curbside at your favorite cafe and sip mimosas. In fact, the best curbside anything you’re getting these days is curbside pick-up. Still, that doesn’t need to interfere with the restaurant experience.

Order in or cook a glorious meal for the family, then set up a stunning dining area in your backyard or deck, being sure to meticulously clean off any and all outdoor furniture. If you have an outdoor kitchen or grilling area, you’re equipped with even more opportunities to develop the ideal outdoor gourmet experience.

Start by serving up a few of mum’s favorite cocktails at the outdoor bar and then set up a complete outdoor dining area with candles, tablecloths, and more so you can enjoy the fresh air (and the fresh food!) Create some added ambiance by setting up a Bluetooth speaker with easy listening tunes and stringing up some warm lights.

Recreate the Resort Experience

The spa may be closed, but the spa experience can be recreated anywhere with enough dedication (and the right fixings). Set up some lounge chairs by the pool, mix up some cool refreshments, and construct the perfect environment for mum to engage in a little self-care.

With some simple ingredients in your pantry or refrigerator (like avocado and cucumber slices), you can pamper mum with a DIY face mask and refreshing eye treatment. Cater to her every poolside need by refreshing her drink, ensuring she has ample shade, and even serving up some snacks.

If it’s too cool to be poolside, you can set up a private, cabana-style quarters in the backyard by draping a canopy over a shade structure or umbrella, placing a portable heater inside the space, and replacing the cool refreshment with a glass of wine.

Give the Gift of an Upgrade

‘Tis the season of outdoor remodeling and redecorating projects due to the fair weather, and with fall in full swing in Australia, mum’s sure to appreciate some patio upgrades. Buy her a fresh set of outdoor furniture or help her refurbish her existing furniture.

Or, if you want to inject some more thoughtfulness into the experience, you can create a permanent hobby-corner for her in the backyard (think Mum version of the man cave!). Just set it up with a wicker chair, matching end table, some sort of shade structure, and a few items that speak to her personality and preferences (i.e. a small bookshelf, mini fridge filled with her favorite treats, or just a journal for her to do some writing).

Whether you’re helping her spruce up her existing furnishings or surprising her with all new decor, she’s sure to love it.

Have a Backyard Picnic

Public parks and recreation areas are still closed, but you can fulfill her need for outdoor adventuring by setting up a picnic site in the backyard. Throw together the typical picnic meal, consisting of sandwiches and other finger foods, lay out a blanket on a patch of grass, and spend some quality time in the (not-so-great) outdoors.

For an experience that’s a little more down-home than simply dining at an outdoor table, a backyard picnic can make for a fun and festive experience for the whole family.

Perhaps this year’s Mother’s Day is a little more unpretentious, but chances are, it will also be the most memorable for that special woman in your life. This is especially true if you decide to devote yourself to the creativity of taking advantage of your own personal outdoor area. With spring in full bloom in the Northern Hemisphere, she’ll appreciate the experience of getting out and being among nature, even if it doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the house.

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