Why Choose Concrete Outdoor Furniture? Benefits and Care Guide

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Nothing beats kicking back in your backyard after a long day, surrounded by cool, sturdy furniture that can handle virtually anything nature throws at it. That’s right, we’re talking about Concrete Outdoor Furniture. A winning combo of style and toughness, it’s really having a moment right now as an outdoor furniture trend – and for good reasons! 

Concrete outdoor furniture stands out in the Australian market for its blend of practicality, aesthetic versatility, and environmental sustainability. Its ability to withstand Australia's harsh and fluctuating climate alongside its low maintenance needs, positions concrete furniture as a smart choice for enhancing any outdoor living space. The factual basis for these claims underscores the material's growing popularity among Australian families seeking durable, stylish, and eco-aware outdoor furnishing options. 

Keep reading to see why concrete might just be the missing piece to your outdoor chill zone, outdoor paradise, living area or alfresco hangout, and how it can turn your outdoor retreat into the one to beat. 

What Makes Concrete Furniture So Awesome? 

Gone are the days when concrete was just for walking on. Now, it takes centre stage in the work of outdoor furniture design. Concrete is a worry-free decision because of its resounding durability, and its ability to simply shrug off many of the effects weather can have on outdoor furniture. Featherstone Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is a well-designed composite material blending cement, aggregates, water, and glass fibres, offering much more compared to traditional solid concrete – it is strong, yet surprisingly light (usually 1/3 lighter than regular concrete), giving your outdoors that sleek and modern vibe without sacrificing strength or longevity.  

One of the unique characteristics about concrete furniture that many people have come to love, is the way it is made. Due to the handmade nature of each piece, you’re guarantee to have one that is uniquely yours. Each slab is hand poured, dried, kilned and glazed, and by the end of the process, you are left with an absolute monolith of a style statement. Each concrete item tells a story, and it is this journey that we celebrate: every pore, every hairline, and every blemish. Simply put, nothing beats the unbashful beauty that is present in each and every concrete piece. Concrete isn’t perfect, and that’s what makes it the perfect choice.  

Remarkable’s POV on Concrete for Outdoor Furniture 

Benefits   Descriptions   Reasons  
Modern Aesthetic and Versatility Trending as a must have for modern design, concrete boasts clean lines, a neutral colour palette, and an inherently minimalist aesthetic. Concrete also complements a wide range of outdoor settings, from lush garden spaces to sleek urban balconies. The beauty of concrete comes from its versatility, allowing for bespoke pieces that enhance the visual appeal of any outdoor area. Its understated elegance and contemporary vibe create a sophisticated and inviting ambience, perfect for those seeking a modern touch in their outdoor spaces. Concrete can also blend seamlessly into various design styles, from contemporary to traditional, it is a versatile and stylish choice for any setting. Concrete furniture, particularly made with Featherstone GFRC offers durability and resilience. Treated with sealants during manufacturing, it resists marks and minor stains. While minor cracks and crazing will develop over time due to natural shrinkage from exposure, these characteristics do not compromise the quality or lifespan of the furniture. Adopting a unique layering manufacturing method, GFRC guarantees greater tensile and impact strength, making it suitable for many weather conditions and reducing the risk of delamination or separation. To maintain the longevity of concrete furniture, additional sealing before use is recommended due to its porous nature. This can be easily done with instructions provided or products available for purchase. Despite natural aging processes like hairline cracks and crazing, the integrity and aesthetic appeal of concrete furniture remain intact, offering timeless beauty.
Weather Resilience Concrete's exceptional durability and weather resistance are inherent to its material composition. Engineered for strength and resilience, GFRC is specifically designed to withstand intense use and diverse climate conditions, making it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture in Australia. Featherstone GFRC concrete, a high-quality glass-fibre-reinforced concrete, combines the enduring beauty and robustness of raw concrete with enhanced strength, lightness, and longevity. Unlike Jute Reinforced Concrete (JRC)*, GFRC is superior against the elements. It’s unique composition effectively prevents erosion, cracking, and degradation. This resilience against weather ensures that concrete furniture remains a durable and long-lasting choice, whilst keeping its important aesthetic appeal over the span of many years. Through a unique manufacturing process that disperses fibre strands to form a singular layer, Featherstone GFRC distinguishes itself from the conventional three-layer methods, ensuring superior performance and longevity in outdoor settings. *Jute Fiber Reinforced Concrete (JFRC) is a composite material made of concrete and short discrete natural jute fibre.
Durability and Longevity   Similarly to pathways and buildings, furniture made from concrete is long-lasting, with the potential to endure for decades with minimal upkeep. GFRC is a composite of cement, aggregate, water, acrylic, glass fibre meshing, and additives. These components are meticulously balanced to create outdoor furniture capable of withstanding harsh sunlight, heavy rain, fluctuating temperatures (i.e. below freezing to over 50°C) without significant wear or affecting structural integrity, making it a popular choice for outdoor furniture.
Reasonable Maintenance Requirements The appeal of concrete furniture extends to its achievable maintenance needs. Its robust and large construction provides a clean canvas to perform sealing, which prevents stains and signs of wear. Treatments such as a coating of beeswax every few months or applying a layer of pavement sealer once or twice a year further reduce maintenance needs. For more in-depth instructions, refer to our Concrete Maintenance and Care Guide. Concrete Maintenance and Care – Remarkable Outdoor Living (remarkablefurniture.com.au) This is particularly beneficial for Australian families, offering more time to enjoy outdoor living without the burdens of frequent maintenance - eliminating the constant care often demanded of by wood or aluminium alternatives.
Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Construction In an era where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, concrete furniture stands out for its eco-smart manufacture and durable materials. Concrete is not a fast medium, and investing in a concrete table means you won’t have to replace it due to failure. Concrete tables can be passed down or inherited, meaning less overall waste from the furniture industry.

Remarkable Exterior Style Guide

One thing that sets Outdoor Concrete Furniture apart is its versatility. Whether your vibe is modern, industrial, or more laid-back and rustic, concrete fits right in every time.  

It might seem like a trivial detail but overlooking it could be the difference between an outdoor paradise or an outdoor roll-of-the-dice! Take a moment to think about your surroundings. These are key considerations before you pick out the perfect concrete piece. 

  • Where is your home situated?  
  • What's the backdrop like?  
  • Do you have a pleasant view?  
  • What's the environment like around you?  
  • What fixtures or accessories are you trying to complement i.e. plants and lighting? 

City Living

If you're living in a bustling city, surrounded by towering skyscrapers and sleek steel and glass structures, your balcony would surely reflect that urban vibe. Take advantage of that city view with a Zen Bar Table, and accentuate those monochrome, coarsy, and ultra-modern characteristics that are admired in our urban landscapes. 

Suburban Charm

On the other hand, if you live in the suburbs, you might have a deck made of warm Merbau or perhaps a courtyard that boasts earthy tiles that blend seamlessly into your backyard. A Bristol Dining Table would become a beacon of white against this natural palette, and given a matching chair choice, would flow harmoniously with its background.  

Plant Harmony

Concrete, in any form, can highlight your choice of plant life that you have already existing in your space, and can be the perfect backdrop for highlighting plant life in outdoor spaces. The juxtaposition between the neutral, minimalist, and cool tones of concrete enhances the natural beauty and vibrancy of lush greenery. This approach creates a subtle yet rich palette that encourages a focus on your plant choice, and you can use it to craft a unique, stylish, and beautiful look that is both timeless and contemporary.  


Often overlooked, outdoor lighting choices play a significant role in accentuating the hidden beauty in concrete furniture. The lines, design and even textures that are unseen during the day, come alive at night. Lighting creates a welcoming ambiance, and strategically placed fixtures can cast dramatic shadows and accentuate the beauty and visual appeal of concrete. Additionally, portable lighting offers flexibility in design, and can make your outdoors useable during day or night. Whether it’s soft, ambient lighting around a Zen Bar Table, or dramatic focused lighting over a statement Bristol table, outdoor lighting will elevate the atmosphere around your outdoor concrete furniture.  

It's essential to make sure that your concrete choice harmonises with the overall vibe of your space. If it doesn't mesh well with its surroundings, it might end up feeling out of place and lost in the environment. So, take the time to really think about your surroundings, and let it guide your choice of concrete centrepiece. After all, the right dining table, bar set or bench, will tie your outdoor space together beautifully. Remarkable offers you a diverse collection of concrete furniture designs that satiate every discerning taste.  

Where do you Live? Our Top Picks Finishing Touches
Inner City or Metropolitan Area
  • Zen Bar Table
  • Zen Bar Stool
  • Leaf Scatter Cushion
  • Snake Plant
  • Bobby Lamp (Green)
Suburb or Town
  • Bristol Table
  • Bristol Bench
  • Citron Spot Cushion
  • Lavendar Plant
  • Lincoln Teak Lamp


The Ultimate Focal Point

Concrete furniture isn’t just functional, it can be that showstopper that adds immediate luxe to the outdoors. It is the ultimate neutral and it can be integrated so easily into any existing space. A material as robust as concrete can really add that much needed gravitas, depth, and presence to a space – a grand statement that shows off just how much you love living outdoors. Imagine a long behemoth of a table stealing the spotlight at your next alfresco gathering; a centrepiece that encourages cool afternoon dinners and late-night drinks, in a timeless style that belongs to any aesthetic.  

Sleek lines and earthy textures – the Zen, Bristol and Carlisle ranges really show off how effortlessly stylish concrete can be. There’s rarely a chair, sofa, or outdoor space that concrete will not complement. Here are a few classic examples.  

Concrete and Teak  

Two battling materials that work well on their own, yet when brought together, showcase, and accentuate the natural, wabi-sabi finishes in both. A combination we’ve seen our customers repeat again and again is the Zen 3m Dining Table with U-Shape Teak Legs, and the Armenia Chair in Light Grey. The cool, solid grey tones of the tabletop reflect compassionately with the handwoven wicker of the chairs, and the teak legs on both solidify their relationship.  

Concrete and Resin 

A new addition to our catalogue, the Bristol table boasts a clean, bone-white finish, that makes it a blank canvas to really show off your creative flair. Nardi dining chairs marry up not only beautifully, but stylishly – perfect for a modern approach to the outdoors. Our personal favourite choice with the Bristol is the Marsala and Menta Doga dining chairs; the contrasting tones of warm and cool against a soothing neutral base really shows off how big bursts of colour can become harmonious with the right table choice. 

Concrete and Aluminium  

Coffee tables are a great way to update any sofa setting, and you’ll be surprised just how friendly concrete and aluminium can be with each other. The clean, sleek, and machine-precision lines of an excellent quality aluminium sofa are highlighted when you pair it with the tenacity and grit of concrete. It adds another layer of complexity to your setting and softens up those harsh edges we often associate with aluminium furniture.  

Maintaining Concrete Outdoor Furniture 

The reason why concrete is so popular is because it will last a lifetime. With the correct maintenance and care, it can age and weather gracefully. But to keep your concrete furniture looking its best, a little TLC here and there will go a long way.   

  1. Keep it Clean: Brush off dirt and debris with a soft brush or cloth, and if there's a tough stain, a mild soap or concrete cleaner should do the trick. A gentle hose down from time to time will also get rid of accumulated dust. 
  2. Spill Protection: Use coasters and placemats to prevent spills, and if accidents happen, clean them up right away. It’s best to use a concrete sealer to ensure longevity on a concrete piece – we recommend Crommelin, to not only give it an appealing satin finish, but also to make sure any spills don’t seep into the pores. 
  3. Sun Shield: While concrete can handle the elements, too much direct sunlight can affect its appearance and cause it to discolour. Consider giving it some shade during peak sun hours with an outdoor furniture cover.  
  4. Weather Preparation: Whether you live in a chilly climate, a dry and arid area, or are prone to fluctuating weather systems throughout the year, it is ideal to either bring your concrete pieces indoors or cover them up during the off-season to keep them in good shape. It is important to note that concrete is not elastic in nature. Concrete does not necessarily expand and contract as much as other outdoor materials, so to avoid the deepening of hairline fractures, keep it protected. 
  5. Check-Ups: Give your concrete furniture a once-over now and then for any signs of wear or damage and fix any issues immediately to keep it looking great. All concrete tables come with a complimentary repair kit to help you fix any damages that may occur over the years.

So, why are you just sitting there?

Concrete outdoor furniture stands out not only for its practicality, but for its unique blend of style, resilience, and timelessness. At Remarkable Outdoor Living, we're committed to providing you with the best concrete pieces on the market, that are guaranteed to elevate your outdoor experience. Don't wait any longer – explore our collections today and give your outdoor space the upgrade it deserves.  

With the continuing complexity of concrete, your outdoor sanctuary will become the trendsetter. So, embrace the adaptability of concrete, and let us help you transform your outdoor oasis into something truly beautiful.  

Remarkable Outdoor Living are the pros when it comes to concrete outdoor furniture – our collections are the perfect blend of substance and style, so you can hang out with those closest to you alongside furniture that lasts a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the cons/drawbacks of concrete outdoor furniture? 

  • Concrete outdoor furniture can develop cracks over time due to factors like shrinkage during curing as it is not elastic in nature, making it vulnerable to cracking under extreme tension or heavy weight. Proper maintenance and proactive measures can mitigate these risks, however. 
  • Extreme weather conditions, particularly freezing cold temperatures, can exacerbate these vulnerabilities, leading to splitting. 
  • Restoring concrete furniture can be labour-intensive compared to other outdoor materials, requiring bespoke repair kits for cracks, chips, and surface refinishing. 

Question: How do you protect outdoor concrete furniture? Will it Crack? 

  • Seal the concrete with a high-quality sealant (such as Crommelin) to create a protective barrier against moisture penetration, reducing the likelihood of cracks and diminishing the appearance of hairline fractures. 
  • Regular cleaning with mild soap and water, avoiding harsh chemicals, helps prevent debris and stains from damaging the surface. 
  • Apply a fresh coat of sealant periodically, following the manufacturer's instructions, to reinforce the protective layer and enhance overall durability. 

Question: Does outdoor concrete need to be sealed? How do you seal a concrete table? 

  • Yes, outdoor concrete furniture, including dining tables, should be sealed to protect them from moisture penetration in order to prolong their lifespan. 
  • Sealing involves thoroughly cleaning the surface, choosing a high-quality concrete sealant, and applying it evenly using a brush, roller, or sprayer according to the manufacturer's instructions. 
  • Reseal the concrete regularly, typically every 6 months to yearly, to maintain the protective barrier and ensure continued protection against moisture and environmental factors. 
  • For further inquiries or assistance regarding concrete outdoor furniture and maintenance, please don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team. 


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