2024 European Patio Outdoor Furniture Trends

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Given all the exciting furniture trends already appearing, 2024 is an excellent year to rethink your outdoor patio. You have plenty of different European styles to choose from, each helping you curate suitable materials and designs to make your patio an extension of your home and your personality. 

Keep reading to discover trending outdoor furniture design ideas with influences from the most popular European styles today!

Understanding the different European Styles

Most Popular European Styles What It’s Best Known For
Italian Sophistication Luxurious and refined without sacrificing comfort, it typically includes sleek lines and long-lasting materials like natural stone and wrought iron. 
Scandinavian Chic  Stylish simplicity, functionality, and a close relationship with nature through materials like teak or cedar wood. 
French Farmhouse  The timelessness and rustic charm of the French countryside, using wrought iron and distressed wood in vintage-inspired furniture. 
Spanish Villa  A Mediterranean feel through intricate tilework, decorative wrought iron features, and earthy tones like dark brown and terracotta red. 
Classic English Cottage  A tranquil haven reminiscent of a fairy tale with an English cottage garden vibe. Embrace white iron furnishings, floral chintz linens, and vibrant tableware. Add a whimsical touch with assorted herbs and flowers for a romantic ambiance. 

Italian Sophistication

    The first approach you should consider for your outdoor design is the symphony of style known as Italian Sophistication. This is perfect if you want your outdoor space to exude luxury while offering plenty of comfort for your friends and family. 

    Here’s a closer look at the elements of this style: 

    • Natural Materials: Outdoor furniture made of natural stone and wrought iron works well here, reflecting the Italian preference for quality craftsmanship.
    • Vibrant Colours: Bold and bright colours go well with Italy’s cultural heritage and in your garden. Two trending colours in 2024 are coral red and dark green, just like on the Italian flag. 
    • Modern Designs: Leverage minimalist furniture with modern patio furniture ideas to capture the essence of Italian sophistication. 
    • Built-in Features: Built-in outdoor features like firepits are excellent ways to add a touch of luxury to your patio. They can become the focal point for arranging your other furniture. Our firepits are crafted from a blend of green cement and recycled materials, boasting a lightweight concrete finish that defies stains, mold, and mildew. Choose from a vibrant spectrum of colours including orange, yellow, black, and white to ignite your outdoor aesthetic.
    • Eco-friendliness: The Italian way of life comes with a commitment to sustainability, exemplified by our outdoor furniture. The teak used in our products are all FSC-certified, ensuring environmental responsibility in every piece. We pride ourselves on using sustainable practices, including the incorporation of resin wicker—a material known for its eco-friendly properties. Resin wicker is not only durable and stylish but also sustainable, as it can be recycled and reused. Made from recycled materials, it minimises environmental impact without compromising on aesthetics or performance. Embracing this ethos, our firepits feature a lightweight concrete finish crafted from recycled materials. This approach not only reduces waste but also adds a distinctive aesthetic touch to each piece, echoing Italy's natural beauty while honouring eco-conscious principles.

    Scandinavian Chic

      You might prefer the Scandinavian way of doing things if you’re inclined towards simplicity and functionality with a close connection to nature. 

      Here’s a deeper dive into the elements of Scandinavian Chic outdoor furniture: 

      • Natural Materials: Teak and wicker are also popular materials for this style. They are versatile options used widely by Europeans, including the Scandinavians. 
      • Bold patterns: Design-wise, Scandinavian principles prioritise minimalism with bold patterns. So, avoid furniture designs that have a lot of visual noise. In line with the colour trend for this style—white, black, and grey—opt for patterns that enhance the minimalist, Japandi aesthetic.
      • Modern Elements: For those seeking a fusion of functionality and modern chic, finding the perfect balance is essential. Scandinavian style epitomises modernity with its emphasis on clean lines and simplicity. It celebrates minimalism, creating spaces free from clutter where every element serves a purpose. However, it's important to remember that the contemporary design of your chosen furniture must also be functional to truly embody this aesthetic.
      • Built-in Features: Minimalism and functionality are two important things to remember when choosing furniture. Products with built-in storage offer those qualities and help create a clutter-free, serene outdoor atmosphere. 
      • Eco-friendly Materials: The Scandinavians are just as committed to sustainability as the Italians and everyone else. So, you can add to this chic style with recycled teak and other eco-friendly materials.

      French Farmhouse

        The French have always done an excellent job blending comfort and elegance in all aspects of life, including their outdoor design. You can achieve the same rustic charm of a French Farmhouse using these ideas: 

        • Natural Materials: You’ve seen a lot of teak and wicker so far, but they go incredibly well with the French style. These materials, coupled with thick cushions, will give you the rustic elegance you’re looking for. The warm hues of teak harmonise with the enduring stone of old French townhouses, effortlessly evoking the rustic charm of a French Farmhouse and imbuing every space with tales of heritage and refinement.
        • Soft Colour Pallette: You’ll want to choose softer colours for this style. In terms of colour, earthy tones are trending in 2024 and fit well with this French style.
        • Classic Designs: This style shies away from modern options, so choose furniture with classic and timeless designs. Remember: always think ‘French farmhouse aesthetics’. 
        • Built-in Features: Furniture with built-in features also does well here. For instance, a table or chair with built-in storage will add practicality to your outdoor space. 
        • Eco-friendly Materials: Recycled materials like teak work well with this aesthetic to create your desired rustic feel. 

        Spanish Villa

          Use the Spanish Villa style to create a welcoming atmosphere with vibrant colours and intricate designs. Here’s how: 

          • Natural Materials: Unsurprisingly, teak and wicker are vital materials in Spanish Villa outdoor styling. They not only remind you of the warm Spanish climate, but they also stand up well to outdoor weather conditions. It’s best to use recycled teak or wicker materials for added eco-friendliness. 
          • Earthy Colour Tones: The strong Mediterranean influence means that earthy tones like dark brown and terracotta red go particularly well with this style, especially along the coastal areas, where the palette reflects the natural hues of the Mediterranean landscape. In contrast, in inner Spain, the Moorish/Muslim influence brings vibrant colours like blue and green, echoing the intricate tile work and lush gardens characteristic of this heritage.
          • Intricate Designs: Unlike the Italian and Scandinavian styles, this one welcomes plenty of intricate designs in the furniture, tilework, and wrought iron features. 
          • Built-in Features: Spanish Villa aesthetics also appreciate built-in features like a firepit. Something like that would create a more intimate setting for entertaining, whether alone, with a partner, or with guests. 

          English Cottage Style

            Dive into the timeless allure of English cottage style, an enduring trend that blends classic elegance with cozy warmth. Envision your own storybook escape with traditional wooden furnishings complemented by delicate white iron details and vibrant floral-patterned linens, infusing a touch of whimsical sophistication into the rustic charm.

            • Natural Materials: This style, known for its durability and charm, utilises materials like timber, wrought iron, and rattan, showcasing the strength of countryside craftsmanship that stands the test of time.
            • Colour Tones: Experiment with vibrant colours and eclectic patterns in your tableware, accompanied by fragrant herbs and diverse blooms, to evoke a romantic ambiance reminiscent of storybook settings. Color tones draw from the earth, enhanced by bursts of vibrancy from assorted flowers and decor, perfectly capturing the essence of an English garden.
            • Built-in Features: opt for versatile, freestanding furniture pieces that contribute to the quaint and cozy atmosphere, allowing for rearrangement and adaptation as needed. This shift underscores a commitment to practicality and charm, integral to the English cottage aesthetic.
            • Eco-Friendly Materials: Choose sustainable options like reclaimed wood and sustainable fabrics like Sunproof outdoor seating fabric and Olefin fabric to honour the environment while creating your inviting outdoor retreat.

            5 Most Popular Patio Furniture of 2024 

            It’s natural to feel overwhelmed with so many patio outdoor furniture trends to keep track of. That’s especially true with many brands, like Home Trends outdoor patio furniture, among countless others. 

            We’ll help you get started with our curated list of the 5 best patio furniture 2024 has to offer:

            Nardi Net Outdoor Resin Dining Chair

            This outdoor chair is one of the most popular outdoor furniture products on the market. It offers refinement and relaxation and fits perfectly with the Scandinavian Chic style.

            • Eco-Friendly: promoting sustainability with the use of polypropylene fibreglass, a completely recyclable, non-toxic and antistatic synthetic resin 
            • Simple & Chic: Elegance in minimalism. 
            • Japandi colour options: Palette in whites, blacks, and greys. 
            • Built-in Stackable feature: Space-saving functionality.

            Features of the Nardi Net Outdoor Resin Chair

            EcoSmart Pop 8L Outdoor Firepit

            Experience the enchanting blend of functionality and vibrant aesthetics with this firepit, which is perfect as a focal point for your Italian Sophistication outdoor space.

            • Eco-Friendly: Crafted sustainably from green cement and recycled materials, adding luxury to your patio. Additionally, EcoSmart firepits use ethanol, a renewable fuel source and do not produce any toxic gas or waste. 
            • Modern Design: Sleek and minimalist, complementing Italian Sophistication effortlessly. 
            • Vibrant Color Options: Bold hues like orange, yellow, black, and white, reflecting Italy's cultural vibrancy.
            • Built-in Features: Fueled by e-NRG Bioethanol, it requires no gas, electricity, or flue, making it versatile for both indoor and outdoor use.
            ecosmart pop 8L in a line
            Our White Ecosmart Pop 8L Firepit

            Noosa 4-Seater Outdoor Wicker Lounge

            Noosa Lounge, embodying the classic chic allure of Spanish Villa style with its hand-woven, weather-resistant wicker design in a light beige hue, reminiscent of the warm brown tiles and whitewashed walls, offering both elegance and durability for outdoor relaxation.

            • Natural Materials: hand-woven with weather-resistant wicker, blend style and durability for outdoor comfort. 
            • Earthy Colour Tones: Light beige colour 
            • Intricate Designs: The intricate weave pattern infuses Spanish Villa charm into any outdoor space.
            • Built-in Features: designed to resist water damage, UV fading, and heavy loads, while also being easy to clean, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal for prolonged use.
            Noosa 4 seater indoor area

            Our Noosa 4-seater Wicker Lounge indoors

            Clifton Outdoor Ceramic Pop-Up Extension

            With its wood-like ceramic top, this pop-up table is perfect for entertaining a handful of people in your French Farmhouse-themed patio.

            • Natural Materials: Ceramic Wood-look - Rustic elegance meets practical durability with the ceramic wood-look surface of this table. 
            • Soft Colour Pallette/Earth tones: Available in Charcoal, White Wood-look, and White Wood-look 
            • Classic Designs: Timeless elegance embodied in the classic design of this table, reminiscent of traditional French countryside furniture. 
            • Built-in Features: Effortlessly accommodate more guests with the convenient pop-up extension feature, ensuring versatility without sacrificing style.

            Our Charcoal Clifton Ceramic Pop-up extension set

            Grace Recycled Teak Dining Setting

            Crafted from reclaimed teak, this eco-friendly ensemble blends English Cottage Style’s rustic elegance with sustainable comfort for a picturesque retreat.

            • Natural Materials: Crafted from reclaimed teak, the Grace dining table and Monsoon chairs exudes rustic charm and durability, making it a perfect fit for English cottage style.  
            • Earthy Colour Tones: The earthy tones of the recycled teak and wicker in Black and Natural enhance the cosy ambiance of an English cottage-inspired outdoor retreat. 
            • Intricate Designs: The wicker wave pattern adds traditional flair to the Monsoon chairs, marrying sophistication with rustic allure. 
            • Built-in Features: Versatile and durable, the Grace dining set epitomises English cottage practicality and charm, enduring outdoor elements with ease. FSC® certified and crafted from recyclable eco-friendly materials, this dining setting align seamlessly with the sustainable ethos often found in English cottage decor.
            grace recycled teak dining set on poolside

             Our Grace Recycled Teak Dining Setting

            Final Thoughts

            The patio has always been seen only as an extension of a person's home. That's set to change in 2024 with European patio outdoor furniture trends that blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces. Remember that when choosing the colours, designs, and materials for your patio.

            Remember: there's a style for everyone, whether you're inclined towards Italian, Scandinavian, French, or Spanish decorating. Or, blaze your own path with European Unison by curating your favourites across all styles.

            Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

            How Can I Transform My Outdoor Space With European-Inspired Patio Furniture That's Both Stylish And Trending?

            Transforming your outdoor space doesn’t have to be too difficult. Keep things simple by thinking, "Inspiration, Ideation, Realisation" and follow these steps:

            • Inspiration: First, seek inspiration from some of the most creative outdoor decorating minds. Buy a few popular magazines, such as "House & Garden" or "Country Style," and look for decorating styles that stand out to you.
            • Ideation: Next, look for outdoor furniture design ideas to make your outdoor space trendy. You can browse websites like Google Trends or Pinterest Predicts to see what colours, patterns, and designs are in-trend. 
            • Realisation: Take inspiration and ideas to your local furniture stores. There, you can look for specific items that will realise your vision for your outdoor space!

            What Is The Colour Trend For Outdoor Furniture In 2024?

            Patio furniture colour ideas to consider in 2024 are warm colours with a light and fresh tone. Earthy colours like green, brown, and cream are also gaining popularity, with some light applications of bold tones like shades of blue, orange, and pink.

            What Are The Outdoor Entertainment Trends For 2024?

            There are a few key trends for entertaining guests outdoors in 2024. First, the indoor-outdoor trend of blurring the lines between your home's interior and exterior spaces is popular.

            Having cooking suites outdoors also helps create a more lively environment for entertaining. Meals can be prepared with guests nearby instead of secluded in the home’s kitchen.

            Lastly, tech is fast-rising as a trend in outdoor spaces. That includes using smart lighting to set the mood for your guests and sharing entertainment through outdoor televisions or projectors.

            What Kind Of Outdoor Furniture Is More Popular?

            Generally, the most popular kinds of outdoor furniture are those made from durable yet stylish materials. Popular materials that are in-trend for 2024 include teak, wood, shorea, wicker, and more.

            For 2024 specifically, the most popular outdoor furniture are the Nardi Net Outdoor Resin Dining Chair, Verona Outdoor Aluminium Sunlounger, Alpha 5 Seater Outdoor Aluminium Lounge, Clifton Outdoor Ceramic Pop-Up Extension, and the Zen Outdoor Concrete Bar Table.

            What Is the Latest In Outdoor Furniture?

            Across all European styles' latest trends are functionality, sustainability, and comfort without sacrificing aesthetics. Recycled versions of popular materials like teak are becoming mainstream, as are furniture pieces that offer concealed storage.

            Don’t be afraid of aluminium furniture, either. That’s fast becoming popular with the younger generation of homeowners.

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