Furniture For Small Outdoor Spaces: European Vibes in Your Aussie Alfresco Charm

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Do you crave days lounging under the Australian sun on your patio or balcony? No? Then your little natural nook is in need of a makeover.

Whether it's soaking up the morning sunshine with your coffee or serving dinner to loved ones under the clear skies, Mother Nature is one of the greatest aspects of living Down Under. And contrary to popular belief, you don't need to let minimal room prevent you from enjoying the fresh air.

Look at European homes, for instance — despite their often-quaint size, their inhabitants always find a way to carve out areas to be under nature's roof. By taking inspiration from across the pond, you can find the perfect furniture for small outdoor spaces and design a patch of sun you're bound to enjoy.

Whether you want to recreate the Spanish finca aesthetic or can't get enough of the charming Italian balconies, you'll learn exactly how to style your little corner of earth in the following sections.

Find Your Small Space Style

Your space may be small, but you can make it mighty. It's all about finding your ideal style. Use the table below to discover the aesthetic that suits you:

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Its Charm

Ideal Outdoor Furniture Material


See the Style

Italian Sophistication

Italy and fashion go hand-in-hand. So much so that it spreads to their outdoor areas. It's perhaps the most refined outside aesthetic.

Black iron and stone or white marble

Grow tall shrubs and stick to plain white cushions and a parasol for the ultimate chic look. Select one pop of colour, incorporating it by planting geraniums or similar flowers.

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Scandinavian Chic

Norway, Sweden, and Denmark have some of the smallest homes, so this style is perfect for sophisticated and stylish yet multi-functional and minimal balconies or patios.

Light woods and natural fabrics

Opt for grey, sea blue, or olive-green fabrics, and set the space up for cosy sociability with table lights and low seating.

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Spanish Villa

The Spanish villa aesthetic boasts a classically chic feel that manages to retain a homely quality through its amalgamation of warm brown tiles and whitewashed walls.

Dark brown/black wood or iron

Place oversized terracotta pots or planters on the floor and pack them with pops of colour (think geraniums and bougainvillea). Add depth and ambience with black iron light fixtures or lantern. 

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Spanish Finca

Just like the holiday of your dreams, Spanish finca-inspired patios ooze warmth from every sandstone vertex and terracotta pot.

Black iron or warm wood

Grow desert-loving succulents in sandstone troughs and add terracotta pots to the surrounding area. Dot some aromatic herbs around the space and place a wicker basket to hold your books to cement the vibe.

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Classic English Cottage

Plucked straight from a fairy tale, English cottage gardens are made for reading and relaxing. Peace is yours for the taking when crafting outdoor nooks inspired by this style.

White iron and floral chintz linens

Use fun colours and clashing patterns for your tableware. Dot herbs and differently hued/sized flowers to achieve the romantic atmosphere.

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Italian Outdoor furniture style

Italian Sophistication Style

Classic English Cottage Style

Classic English Cottage Style

There's no need to stick firmly to these styles when choosing textiles or outdoor furniture for small spaces. After all, letting your personality shine will create an area that's uniquely yours.

Scatter cushions, like this Monstera option, are the perfect way to enhance aesthetics and comfort. For best results, limit the colours and go (somewhat) crazy with the patterns — small-scale patterns (e.g., herringbones and chevrons) on accent pillows, block colours on the furniture cushions work wonders.

“Decorating a small patio is all about making choices on decor that is going to create the illusion of a bigger space and choosing furniture that will not overcrowd your outdoor area.”

Compact Furniture: Your Small Outdoor Space's Best Friend

Magazines often showcase these gorgeous, sprawling backyards complete with outdoor dining sets to seat everyone and their dogs. While your patio or balcony may not be able to accommodate this party size, you can still eat alfresco in style with stackable chairs, extendable tables, long-lasting materials (wood, resin wicker, wrought iron, stone, stainless steel, and concrete).

Stackable chairs, adjustable table height, and extendable tables serve essential functions in creating versatile and stylish outdoor dining spaces, particularly in smaller areas like patios or balconies. Stackable chairs offer a practical solution for storage and space optimisation when not in use. Their design allows them to be easily stacked, minimising the footprint and facilitating convenient storage. Adjustable table height ensures flexibility to cater to various needs, allowing users to customise the table according to their preferences or specific activities. This feature accommodates both casual dining and other functions like working or entertaining. Extendable tables, on the other hand, provide adaptability for seating a varying number of guests. These tables can be expanded or contracted as needed, making them ideal for intimate gatherings or larger gatherings when extended. Combine these small-space-friendly furniture options with complementary linens for a put-together look. Simply select an anchor fabric that contains all the colours you want to feature before choosing solid-colour textiles that feature said colours.

Remarkable Outdoor Living's Clifton Outdoor Ceramic Extension Dining Table for small spaces and stackable chairs like our Casper Round Outdoor Aluminium Stool ensures you never have to compromise on style for function again. Made with resisting Australia's extreme weather in mind, this furniture will last for years to come, keeping your little patch of sun looking brand-new.

Casper Aluminium Outdoor Stool


Add Ambience

Once the furniture for small outdoor spaces is in place, turn your attention to lighting. Without much room to play with, creativity is your best friend, helping you illuminate the area for an enticingly romantic feel.

If you don't want to worry about running electricity safely to your outside nook, opt for solar lamps, like the Lincoln Outdoor Aluminium Solar Lamp from Remarkable. Position these large lamps next to comfortable seating on your patio for maximum impact.

Alternatively, choose fairy lights to spruce up a nearby plant or place solar tea lights on the table. Lighting at different levels (i.e., floor to overhead) creates a mesmerising impact, turning your small outdoor nook into a fairy tale-esque hideaway.

Material Matters For Small Outdoor Spaces

From Spanish villas to vineyards, rattan, bamboo, and wicker all make an appearance in this Mediterranean paradise. But you can achieve the finca-esque feel on your balcony or patio by choosing furniture for small outdoor spaces that incorporates these inviting materials.  

Such lightness allows cool breezes to flow through the area, soothing the sun's sweltering heat. So, even though you won't have the villa-like sandstone walls, you'll benefit from the aesthetic all the same. Start the look with the Auto Outdoor Wicker Dining Chair and offset it with warm tones to achieve those finca vibes.

Auto Outdoor Wicker Dining Chair

You've Turned Your Little Patch of Australian Outdoors into a European Al Fresco Dream

No matter how small your space, the right additions can turn it into your very own outdoor retreat. To bring some European style and function into your Australian patio, explore Remarkable Outdoor Living's collection of space-efficient outdoor furniture and accessories that are built to last.

Buy furniture for small outdoor spaces from your local Remarkable showroom or explore the website to discover your next favourite piece.

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  1. What materials are commonly used in small outdoor furniture?
    • Small outdoor furniture often utilises durable materials such as weather-resistant woods, metal alloys, and synthetic wickers for longevity and resilience.
    1. What is the most weather resistant outdoor furniture for my small space?
      • Aluminium is an excellent choice for your small space outdoor furniture. Its inherent weather resistance, lightweight design, and versatility make it a popular option for creating stylish and durable outdoor spaces.
      1. Can stackable chairs be left outside in all weather conditions?
        • While all our stackable chairs are designed to be weather-resistant, it's advisable to cover or store them under shelter during extreme weather to prolong their lifespan and maintain their appearance.
        1. What types of cushions are suitable for outdoor furniture?
          • Our outdoor furniture cushions are often made from water-resistant and UV-resistant fabrics like polyester, polypropylene fiber or acrylic, ensuring durability and easy maintenance.

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